Looking for Pakistani wedding dresses? Well, with the wedding season just arrived, the demand for wedding dresses is on a rise. People are rushing to clothing stores to find the latest wedding dresses and trendy clothes. However, people are always found confused about the cost of these dresses. If you are in search for a Pakistani wedding dress, one thing you should not worry about is the cost. It depends on a few factors, so there is no specific price range. Here is a quick guide on the cost of Pakistani wedding dresses!

Get Out Of the Pricing Myths!

One of the myths regarding Pakistani wedding dresses is that these dresses are quite expensive. They aren’t. You can find luxury formal dresses at quite economical prices if you find the right platform to buy them. There are clothing stores in the UK that provide quality wedding dresses at reasonable rates!

How Much Should a Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost?

There are varying prices for different wedding dresses. There is not a specific cost that we can disclose. Typically, a wedding dress can cost you just a few pounds and it can go up to around 3000 pounds, depending upon the style of dress and from where you are buying it.

The Factors on Which the Cost Depends!

There are several different factors that determine the cost of a dress. One can’t simply decide what it should cost but he has to consider a few factors to get to a conclusion. Following are the four factors on which the cost of the dress depends!

  • The Style

The first and foremost factor is the style. There are different styles of wedding dresses and each style has a different price. For instance, a bridal saree may cost more than any other formal dress. Similarly, a lehanga choli costs more than others. So, the style of dress determines what it should cost.

  • The Materials

Different materials are used to prepare Pakistani wedding dresses. Apart from the fabric, there are other things added to the dress to enhance its luxury. For instance, simple net dresses are not costly as compared to net dresses having pearls on them. Some embroidery on the dress may also enhance its cost.

  • The Designer

There are several designer suits you can wear on weddings. Different Pakistani designer dresses cost different. At times, it depends on the designer. A saree from a different designer may cost you differently!

  • The Store to Buy the Dress From

Last but not the least, different stores charge differently for their Pakistani wedding dresses. You may find different prices for similar dresses on different clothing stores.

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