Palm Tree

If you decide to remove your palm tree, here’s how much it will cost to remove it depending on factors like the number of trees you want removing and the size of the job.

Why do people want to remove palm trees?

People have different reasons for wanting to remove palm trees. Some people remove them because they have outgrown their space, but others remove them because they believe that they can be harmful in certain circumstances. Whether or not palm trees pose a threat, you must be aware of all options for removing your palm tree before making any decisions about how to proceed. Here are three popular options for removing palm trees

So why are so many people opting for palm tree removal

Well, mainly because they don’t want their living room invaded by a tree that grows as tall as two or three stories. This is particularly so if your palms are located right in front of your house or in your garden. Some people get rid of palms simply because they no longer wish to pay for expensive maintenance services on these trees. To those who opt for palm tree removal after such considerations, you should hire licensed and experienced palm tree contractors.

What does it cost to remove a palm tree?

If you’re trying to decide whether it makes sense for you to remove your palm tree yourself or hire a professional, here are some things to consider. First, take an inventory of your landscaping and make sure there aren’t any plants nearby that could be harmed by falling palm fronds. Make sure you have all of your required tools on hand before beginning there are tons of free guides online that can help with what you need. Then, have a friend hold up an extension ladder while you stand on top. With your chainsaw in hand, start at the bottom of the trunk and move toward ground level. Cut around one-third of the way into the tree’s circumference before going higher up the trunk. Get More Info From Aust Classic Homes

When should you get rid of your palm tree?

While there are certainly benefits of having a palm tree on your property, they can also have detrimental effects on you and your home. When it’s time to get rid of your palm tree, there are some important things you should know before taking care of business. First, keep in mind that removing trees comes with more than just expense—tree removal is an emotional process that could change your landscape forever (like when we had to remove our neighborhood oak tree). And if you aren’t careful, you could run into some unforeseen and expensive issues. So what do you need to know about getting rid of your palm tree?

Steps in removing a palm tree

So, you’ve decided that you need to remove a palm tree. The first thing you want to do is research several palm removal services in your area. This will allow you an opportunity to get feedback from past customers about each company’s performance and reliability. While looking for estimates, keep in mind that it may take several months before getting some responses back from companies because there are so many factors involved in removing a palm tree. After collecting estimates, be sure to check references and verify any qualifications of each company performing work on your property.

The cost breakdown per step

A tree service usually charges by estimate, so you should prepare for costs ranging from $750 – $1500 to remove a palm tree. A few factors will determine your final cost; the type of palm tree and its location are two of those. Other considerations include accessibility, size, proximity to power lines, and how far out your property line is. The larger and taller your tree is the more time it will take for them and therefore the more money it will cost. Finally, there’s a location. It makes sense that if you live in Texas or Florida where palm trees grow easily, you should expect lower costs than someone who lives in Alaska or Maine were finding large palms can be difficult at best!

Important considerations before removing the palm tree

When it comes time to consider removing a palm tree, you must consider several factors. In addition, how tall your palm tree is will also play an important role in your decision. You do not want any part of your palm tree touching or hanging over structures or areas that may cause damage should they fall over. If any of these conditions apply, then hiring someone with experience in removing palm trees could be a necessity rather than a choice.


The best way to find out how much it costs to remove a palm tree is by hiring an arborist. Their expertise and knowledge will allow them to come up with an accurate estimate of how much it would cost based on what exactly needs to be done. Removing and disposing of an average palm tree will cost around $300 – $500, but larger trees can reach prices as high as $1500. This is all dependent on whether or not you want your tree removed entirely or just pruned back. If you need help getting started finding out what specific service is best for you, feel free to contact us today. We’re always here for you and we don’t even charge for phone calls.