How On-demand Technology Benefits Restaurant App in times of Covid-19?



The COVID- outbreak has made an unprecedented impact on the global economy. It has compelled various businesses to shut down or look for an alternative to sustain in the marketplace.

The virus has instilled fears in the hearts of consumers, making them prefer online food delivery over visiting physical restaurants.

The intensity of the situation is making on-demand food delivery apps a requirement for the purchasers. Let us discuss how you can grow your food delivery business with an efficient on-demand food delivery :

How an on-demand food delivery app can sustain your restaurant business during COVID-19?

Customers are looking for services that will help them in leading a peaceful life during the coronavirus outbreak. Let us discuss how an on-demand food delivery app clone can boost your profits :

1.     Helpful in maintaining social distancing

As people tend to follow social distancing, they would likely to stay away from crowds and want to avoid any contact with unknown persons. Ordering food through an on-demand food delivery application is an effective way to do this.

The on-demand food delivery app can prevent the risk of contamination while delivering food. You can educate your customers about the best safety practices.

Contactless payment options make it extremely easy for the user to just pay virtually through their account. It can also minimize the possibility of direct contact as there no physical currency will be exchanged.

2.     Enhanced safety measures

Maintaining strict safety measures in the food delivery business has been very important in the times of coronavirus pandemic.

You can also provide N95 masks and gloves to your drivers and customers. Sanitize your drivers properly before carrying out the delivery.

You can also implement a temperature tracker to make the customers aware of the body temperature of all the stakeholders from the cook to the delivery person.

You can also provide financial aid to your drivers if they get infected by COVID-19 while discharging their duties.

3.     Establish strong partnerships with restaurants to offer multiple food choices

With an on-demand food delivery app, you can easily offer different types of food from various restaurants in one place.

You need to establish fruitful business partnerships if you want to expand your on-demand delivery solution.

Providing incentives such as a POS system or media and advertising solutions would certainly attract restaurants into a partnership with your on-demand food delivery platform.

4.     Perfect solution for the “work from home” culture

In the current scenario, companies have ordered to shut down their places of business. But people continue to work remotely from their homes.

The work-from-home culture was gaining popularity during the outbreak of coronavirus.

But, what about those people who work in rented rooms where there is no option to cook food?

Hence the creation of on-demand mobile food delivery apps meets the demands of online customers and delivers their food safely, taking every precaution.

5.     Payments became easy with multiple options

Unexpected health and safety concerns have increased during the COVID-pandemic. The lockdowns and social distancing norms imposed by the governments has disrupted the payments landscape and caused a sharp acceleration in the use of contactless payment methods.

To keep your customers safe, you can offer contactless payment options like payment by credit card, debit card, net banking, QR code, etc., to the users of your on-demand food delivery app. Find out the most preferred payment options adopted by the customer. You can give the facility of saving the Cards or UPIs to your users for making hasslefree payments in the future.

You can also give the facility of eWallets to your customers. If the purchase exceeds the wallet balance, you can provide a ‘split-pay’ option to your users to pay the remaining amount by another payment mode.

6.     Personalize your business with rewards and offers

Rewards and offers are the best way to attract customers. You can also give cashback coupons, discounts, promo codes, etc. to your customers. It would help you to create better customer engagement.

You can wish your users on their birthdays or marriage anniversaries with a personalized message.

You may also integrate a small gaming task like a daily spinning wheel or a quiz in return for points or other rewards to keep your customers engaged.

Final words

Though it is uncertain where this on-demand delivery trend will go after the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are working as hard as they can to work with consumers in a challenging environment to remain consistent and provide an excellent service.

To create a successful on-demand application for your business, you can hire a software development team or extend dedicated software development team.          

I hope this blog has provided you with all the benefits of an on-demand delivery solution. Feel free to contact us to develop an app for your business.



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