Jewelleries has been holding and managing its importance from a long period of time in the fashion industry and there are people who are obsessed with owning them whole heartedly.

As silver jewelleries has made their comeback in the industry they are getting high in demands.

And as this article is based on chokers let’s talk about them too.

As we all know that chokers are close fitted necklaces worn around the neck. There are different styles of chokers available in the market of varying aesthetics which can suit your different moods. The best part about a choker neck piece is that it can be styled with any type of outfits ranging from the traditional to the trendy classy one.

That is why chokers are a must have for both fashionista and minimalist!

In this article we would get you known by the facts in order to state that silver chokers are better than the gold ones and everything else you should know regarding that fact!

  • Silver is Versatile 

Silver is highly versatile in nature in terms of fashion and styling and the same thing goes with the chokers too. While gold chokers can clash with different colours like the cool ones, your silver chokers can be styled upon any outfit and can create a major fashion statement out of it! That is why if you are a minimalist then it’s better to buy a silver choker rather than buying a number of gold chokers in order to style it with different types of clothing or outfits …

  • Silver is durable 

Silver is a durable metal for sure, so a choker made up of choker would lessen the chance of ruining your beautiful piece as gold is more malleable and softer than choker.

Silver won’t dent or can be broken easily than gold can be.

That is why a silver choker is best for any occasion whether you are on the go or relaxing silver choker is a must have due to its durability!

  • Silver is more affordable

Silver has always been more affordable than gold in every term of jewellery. And affordability and inexpensiveness is always a go to option that keeps silver above gold in the terms of money matters.

  • Silver is gorgeous and unique

Just because gold is worn more than silver it doesn’t means that you would follow the crowd. In fact, it’s better to stand out of it.

Many people assume that gold is a rarer metal however they are wrong in fact silver is more rarer than gold.

By wearing a silver choker, you prove that you are one of a kind and can rock any style!

Overall Silver Chokers are better than Gold ones

Silver chokers are more durable, versatile, inexpensive and gorgeous than the expensive gold ones so silver chokers should always be your go to option in terms of any kind of jewellery whether that’s choker only.

We can conclude that silver is better in every term and you should choose silver chokers over expensive gold ones every time you ought to buy a silver choker neckpiece!