The TikTok is recognized as an video app. It is an app for making and sharing short limit videos. 60 seconds video can be made on it usually with a combination of background music. By means of various resources such as audio, filters and other functionalities, creators can create fancies and addictive videos easily. Just like Instagram made it simple to make amazing images with filters, TikTok allows people (of any age) to easily create exciting videos. Most people know that TikTok has even more potential for its amusing and odd videos that were made by teenagers. 

Following are some updates of TikTok that are evolved in 2020 that help you increase your TikTok views.

Community guidelines:

In addition to implementing four new features that are equally focused on the well-being of the community TikTok has announced a new set of Community guidelines to reinforce its current policies in the areas of abuse, unsafe behavior and self-harm and aggression. The services available include improvements for those who struggle with self-harm or suicide, open-screens hiding distressing information, text-to-voice features that make TikTok more available and enhanced resources relevant to COVID-19. 

Since many of the issues had already been addressed by TikTok Community Guidelines instead of the changes today, the company said that these updates bring more information to each of its areas based on the actions of experts such as scholars, civil society groups and the own content consultative council of TikTok. TikTok addressed these guidelines via community feedback and obtained through comments.

Using sound from the last viewed video:

TikTok now allows its users to include the last video sound in their own video. TikTok Sounds are in fact the backbone of TikTok, as the videos rely on upbeat sounds which are common with the public. These sounds may be trendy songs or the ‘original’ sound of the artist sometimes. Some brands that use TikTok as their advertising platform use their original sounds to draw publicity.

Now that a particular sound is common on TikTok, TikTok artists can use the same sounds or songs in their videos as well. It is also not difficult to repeat or use a sound from the Sound Library. But if you want a sound that reflects the individual nature of your content for your video, you can use the same sound or audio in your other videos if you want or if your last watched video strikes a chord with your own content you can even use it in your video as well.

Attractive stickers:

The new ‘Trending’ Stickers tool which TikTok has recently introduced seems to be another update. Since the name indicates, the users will scroll through the most famous stickers now put in the latest trend category.


TikTok is a short-term video app to make and upload. Typically a video of 60 seconds can be rendered with a background music mix. New guidelines improve existing policy on violence, confusion, self-harm and hostility. Open-screens hide disturbing details that makes TikTok accessible via text-to-voice features. Fresh ‘Trends’ Stickers tool helps users to scroll down the popular Stickers.