When businesses all around the globe suffered a hit from the pandemic, Facebook ad revenue was still growing. 

Even amidst Covid, Facebook’s ad revenue escalated by 4.9%. It indicates the value you can bring to your business by optimizing your Facebook ads.

You can easily target a large audience with a touch of personalisation with Facebook ads and expand your business in B2B and B2C areas.

In this blog, we will help you boost your lead generation in the next 45 days with 5 simple tips.

5 ways you can boost your Facebook ads lead

Here we have compiled a list of techniques to increase leads from your Facebook ads campaigns. 

  1. Make a Provoking Offer

A shiny offer means a value-based product and service description to provide the customer. It must be catchy and data-driven— precise on customers’ pain points.

If your offer interface is challenging to read, customers will leave your page without a good look, let alone fall in your sales funnel. 

You can make your offers sparkling with simple techniques like including power words. Most customers are willing to share their data if they find the offer benefits, which can help your marketing precisely. 

  1. Bring creative content with attractive formats to play

Lead generation can only be done by delivering the message to the audience impactfully. If the ad format doesn’t compliment your product or service, change it. 

For example, your products and their features can be well showcased in carousel format, and a short video can handle new updates. With creativity, keep track of quality in mind, and use high-definition annotated images and videos with proficient CTA.

  1. Target a defined audience

Create ads with a lead generation objective keeping the target audience in mind. You can tier the audience in different sections, such as studying the data of your top customers and reaching out to the audience with similar user data. This practice is best suited for customer base expansion.

The other approach can be targeting the audience in locations near you and your stores. It can be done by BUSINESS LOCATOR FEATURE, which targets potential customers in your vicinity. 

Moreover, you can target the audience, i.e., already somewhat in your funnel, to retain them for longer, like your newsletter subscribers, recent apps and site visitors, or the customers under your CRM.

  1. Quick and precise follow-ups – 

One simple step that most people ignore – using a CRM and instantly capturing Facebook leads because people compare products from different brands before buying, so make flashy follow-ups on every generated lead. The longer it takes to follow up, the lower the chances get to convert leads in sales.

The chances of converting your leads into sales are as high as 7 times if followed up within an hour. Make sure to reach out to customers via communication methods, and almost 66% of people prefer messages to calls and live chats. 

  1. Experiment and Optimize

Lower your ads’ CPL (Cost Per Lead) to make your Facebook ads more cost-efficient through A/B testing. A strategic deployment of such techniques can reduce your CPL effectively.

You can do this by running 3 or 4 ads simultaneously, with an almost identical format with one different element, and then observing the best performing KPIs. Also, you can repeat the cycle to figure out the best factors. 


Making your Facebook ad campaign work can take considerable time and proactive experimenting.

So make sure to alter your strategy according to trends and don’t be rigid to pre-defined plans. There are many ways to evaluate things, but at the same time, there should be a willingness to take risks and try new things out!