How to add fun to the coloring activity?

Almost every one of us knows well about the importance and benefits of the activity of coloring. However, when it comes to engaging of children in this activity or simply convincing them to for it, there are plenty of things you can do. One of these ways is to add fun and charm to the activity of coloring in order to grab the attention of kids.

For this purpose, you can try many things including the selection of cute and attractive coloring pages like free birds coloring pages and etc. In addition to it, there are certain other things that you can do as mentioned below.

Variety of materials and tools:

Before asking your children to start coloring, you must consider the option of selection of coloring material and tools for your children. Because, selection of tools and materials play vital role in determining whether the coloring activity for kids would attract their attention or not.

For instance, you need to provide different options regarding the selection of coloring tools like pencils, brushes, crayons, etc. Out of these, your child will choose the option he finds suitable for him.

Similar is the case of material selection. Your child may like the coloring pages like SpongeBob coloring pages or he may like coloring sheets or even books. So, keep this factor in mind as well.

Get a coloring book:

Getting a coloring book is another fruitful and productive way of adding more fun and attractiveness to the activity of coloring. Thus, getting a coloring book of your child’s choice can help him develop more interest in coloring. And this factor finally causes the child to spend more time coloring the pictures.

The more a child spends his time in coloring, the better his skills get. Thus, we can say that coloring books play a key role in polishing the coloring skills of your children and making the activity of coloring full of fun and joy.

Give value to the work of your child:

Another thing that you can do to make the coloring activity of your child a source of fun is to give importance or value to the work your child is doing in regards with coloring activity. For example, instead of putting the colored pictures into trash, keep them saved and admire your child’s work.

It will make your child feel energetic and enthusiastic. Not only will this but it convince your child do more and more coloring practice. Therefore, never ever throw the coloring pages into trash after they are used. This technique will certainly be helpful for your child.

Give preference to your child’s choice:

This technique will be more effective than any other ways of adding fun to the coloring activity. What you are supposed to do is to keep in mind the interest of your child. If he loves cartoons, try to get him cartoon coloring pages. Similarly, if he likes birds, you can get free birds coloring pages for him and so on.

It will make your child eager to take part in coloring activity resulting into their enhanced performance at coloring. Hence, before getting coloring pages for your kids, make sure that the coloring  pages you are going to buy for you child are in accordance with his interests and choice.


As we know that there are several options available when it comes to the coloring activities for preschoolers of younger kids. But, these sources of coloring activity are effective only when they are providing fun to the kids at the same time.

The ways mentioned in this article will help you make the coloring activity effective by adding fun to it. No matter your child is engaged in coloring cartoon coloring pages like SpongeBob coloring pages or he likes other type of pages and worksheets, these techniques will certainly add fun to them.

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