Fake Nails

Artificial nails are props that can save your day, especially when time is short. Adhesive nails, for example, can get your nails done in minutes!

Stretching with tips or with artificial nails fixed with glue, can be applied when the nails are still short or when one of them breaks.

If you want to know the step by step application of each type of artificial nail, including tips, then get ready that this post will meet your needs.

What is the difference between tips and artificial nails?

This is a very common question, after all, they are very similar products. But the main difference is in the application. Check now the types of artificial nails and then learn the step by step of each one:

  • Adhesive artificial nail: This model is easy to find in perfumeries and specialized stores. They come with colors and an adhesive of their own, which you just stick on the nails and you’ll be happy;
  • Artificial nail with glue : This is fixed with a specific nail glue, which usually comes with a brush applicator similar to a common nail polish, after glued, it is necessary to enamel;
  • Tips style artificial nail: This product modality is exclusive for stretching with a perfect finish, because the artificial nail is glued, also with specific glue, not close to the cuticle like the others, but from the middle to the tips of the nails. In addition, it also requires more mastery of sanding techniques and needs enamel.

Let’s see how to apply each of them?

Adhesive artificial nail

The adhesive artificial nail does not need to be enameled, and therefore does not smudge. It’s very practical for sure. But, it must be said: what comes easy, goes easy, beautiful. That is, you have to be very careful not to leave your nails along the way. So always carry a spare in your bag.

Also, the sticky artificial nail can fall off prematurely, especially if you do things like washing dishes, washing clothes, and other manual activities.

Adhesive artificial nails step by step

First of all, remove the nail polish, if any, with common nail remover. Then do the cuticle as usual. Then start sanding the entire surface of the nail, so that the surface becomes more porous and better fix the artificial nail adhesive.

Before proceeding, do not forget to clean the sanding residues with 70% alcohol or nail polish remover on a cotton ball.

And then finally get the artificial nails, which usually come with 24 nails in each pack. Choose the one that best matches the size of each of your nails and save the rest so you don’t get confused.

Depending on the brand chosen, the adhesive film can be on the artificial nail or come separate from the packaging.

In the case of loose films, remove the paper from the film and stick the sticker on the nail very close to the cuticle, then hold it firmly for about 10 seconds.

However, it is also possible that the sticker comes separately. If this is the case, stick the sticker on the nail, remove the film and place the artificial nail on top, holding for a few seconds.

Repeat the procedure on all nails and go be happy!

Artificial nail with glue

The application of the artificial nail with glue is more laborious. But it certainly looks more natural and lasts much longer. For this, choosing the best nail glue is very important. It can be applied by a manicurist, and in this case, it is necessary to consult the value, as each one works in a different way. Some charge extra for the material, others ask you to buy and take the artificial nails.

Step by step for artificial nails with glue

First, prepare the nail: cleaning and normal cuticle, then sand the nail on top (producing light grooves). Then use a PH controller to remove all water and oil from the nail and apply a primer or protective base.

Then you should measure the natural nails with each artificial nail. As you find the ones that match perfectly, sort them in order so you don’t get lost.

When gluing, choose good glue for artificial nails, it is important to use a specific glue so as not to attack and ruin your natural nails in the long run.

Apply the glue to the artificial nail and fix it on the natural nail, pressing from the cuticle area to the tip. Make sure there is no air between the artificial and natural nails. And then, pass the glue over the artificial nail, as if it were a base. To finish, just enamel normally.

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