How to Boost Sales with Salesforce: 7 Outstanding Tips And Tricks

There are various marketing platforms currently available for you to exploit; however, not all can be effective. There are others such as Salesforce that are more effective in helping you to reach your targeted sales. 

Salesforce is beneficial in hitting record sales in various ways; however, its effectiveness depends on its use. You can apply these tips to make your Salesforce effective in boosting sales and passing your sales target. 

Take advantage of Salesforce integration.


Salesforce gives you the advantage to consolidate and integrate all customer data in one platform; hence you need to ensure you maximize the benefits of the salesforce integration. You can begin by promoting remote working, allowing your marketing team to boost the market and work remotely in various regions. 

The team can use systems such as Active Campaign, which allows them to share data regardless of their location. You can then use the data to identify new markets and supply the growing market with the necessary goods, boosting sales. This also enables you to remember new markets that you can easily exploit to boost sales in the current areas. 

Take advantage of customer data

Salesforce exists to ensure you have the necessary customer you need. Salesforce provides you with cloud services; hence, you need to store as much data as possible. You can also use the services to store data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant. As you store the data, you can use salesforce analytics to analyze the data, which will help you determine product demand and meet the needs hence boosting sales. 

With the data, you can boost your relationship with partners and customers through direct marketing and other marketing forms, increasing your sales while minimizing expenses. Customer personalization will help you target the customers hence boosting your sales. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Integrate the platform with the customer services platforms

Customer care services are crucial to improving sales. The customer services aim to retain customers and make them your referrals to attract new customers. Therefore, you need Salesforce to help you boost customer services to maintain existing customers and attract recent sales. Salesforce enables you to offer after-sales delivery, and setting the salesforce reminders allows you to do a customer follow-up to offer services such as guidelines. 

The platform also integrates various modes of communication with the customers enabling you to reach out to customers through their chosen means. To ensure you offer excellent customer services, provide you integrate all communication mediums that will allow customers to communicate to you effectively and respond to them promptly. You need to set reminders for these platforms to ensure you respond to all customer needs.

Integrate with social media platforms

Social media is an effective and convenient way to boost sales. It can help you increase sales in various ways. First, it enables you to advertise on the existing platforms linked to Salesforce. The adverts on social media can instantly reach all the targeted consumers, and many are likely to convert into sales. It also gives you access to the necessary data to predict demands and future sales. 

The platforms enable you to collect bulk data instantly and use the data to predict the products and demands per region. You can efficiently market your products by linking social media platforms to Salesforce. You can also get social media alerts on your salesforce dashboard and respond to them instantly.

Salesforce alerts

One of the reasons why you may not get all the targeted sales is missing customer alerts or notifications about possible sales. After linking the Salesforce to all social media, communication, and customer platforms, you need to set the reminders, alerts, and other notifications. This will alert you about the possible sales prospects, new leads, and any signal of referrals. To ensure you follow up immediately, you can link the platform to your phone so that you receive the notifications instantly rather than following up only when your laptop is on. 

You also need to ensure the sales team is connected and gets notifications immediately. Everyone should see the reports to ensure that the other person can respond to the customer promptly if someone misses. 

Track and follow up with your customers

Salesforce enables you to maintain constant communication with the customer. You need to set the metrics of customer communications to remind you of customers that call frequently and those that have not called for long. This metric will enable you to keep in touch with your customers to avoid losing them. 

You can ensure the sales team follows up on customers who have not been in touch for a while. You need to set monthly customer communication reminders to avoid losing any customers. Moreover, you should also generate and analyze customer interaction reports to detect customers who have not been in touch for a while. 

Add extensions

Salesforce enables you to add various extensions to the platform. These extensions can help you achieve multiple needs, such as linking Gmail and browsers or other communication and customer analysis tools. This enables you to communicate with the customers through various means. It also enables you to receive notifications on Salesforce without opening the communication tools.


Salesforce is key for boosting sales for any business; however, its effectiveness depends on whether you deploy these tips or not. These tips will enable you to gain additional sales that you could have missed. These tips are also significant in boosting sales by helping you retain the existing customers while attracting new ones.

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