This article is aimed at adventurous tinkering that even old school skaters and even inland surfers who want to enjoy an adventure on a project, study test-takers, or renew their love for vehicles. increase. Now let’s dive into the DIY guide for electric skateboards.


Off-Road Electric Skateboard: What You Need to Know Before You Buy


Skateboards USA is crazy about snowboarding, surfing, and finding the perfect link between everything carved on the ground, regardless of the terrain.


What is an off-road skateboard?


Off-road electric skateboarding is just like any other off-road activity. You can experience the riding environment and areas outside the normal road. Enjoy riding pebbles, sand and grass on a BMX truck of dirt and gravel. Standard boards, if not impossible, would be difficult with the help of an off road electric skateboard, but these rugged terrains can be easily accelerated and carved.


The benefits of off-road electric skateboard


Beginners have little feeling when riding an electric skateboard. If you are an advanced rider, you already know how you feel when you run downhill. We can also help mountain bikers with off-road electric skateboards and all-terrain kits to help them unleash their talents.


If you’re looking for an electric skateboard for travel, off-road is the best electric skateboard, depending on the type of terrain. Some roads are flat and not smooth, so using an off-road electric skateboard will give you confidence when riding cracks and bumps.


Electric street skateboard


Are you adventurous? The street board is made from this board using standard longboards, small downhill boards, and urethane road wheels. These tend to be faster boards with wider tracks for faster stability and slide fun. These boards include dual belt drives, direct drives, and even gear drives. They have a high-speed motor and a very easy setup. This type of vehicle can be a bit difficult for inexperienced or new skateboarders. Surfers are equipped with special ride plates on these boards to recreate the surf carving experience as they travel the city.


Electric IT board


These are mountainboard-style skateboards with large inflatable tires, fully suspended trucks, huge top-mounted battery packs, and fully enclosed ESCs with dual or 4WD motors. These motors are typically high torque belt drive, chain drive, and even gear drive trains. If you plan to catch large amounts of air, some of these animals have bindings to keep your feet. These boards are incredibly powerful and have a lot of torque designed to make climbing mountains as fast and fun as possible.




6354190kv Hard Flipsky brushless motor for war. You can also opt for a larger 6384 or 6394 size motor.




High power 12S 4P battery. This battery is made by people on the M board. There is a corresponding battery charger and soldered XT60 connection. Arguably the most expensive part of your structure is your battery. Choose wisely. These very small packages have a lot of high power. If you buy, choose a reputable seller or homebuilder/rider who comes with solid nominations.  If constructed improperly, a fire can occur. Great care is taken when connecting the battery. Check out our guide on electric skateboard batteries to learn more about the most important parts of your journey.


ESC (Electronic Velocity Controller)


Folk box Unity dual electric speed controller. This unit has built-in Bluetooth and a simple setup. You can also dive into VESC programming, depending on your skillset. Unity can be found at multiple online retailers. If your ESC does not have Bluetooth built-in, please purchase a Bluetooth adapter. ESC programming is easy to do without using a smartphone or connecting to a laptop.


Around the battery and ESC:


This build uses MBoards’ newer and more advanced XL enclosures. This enclosure comes with mounting bolts and pre-cut gasket seals to prevent moisture and dirt. If you do not have your own perimeter mounting system, use at least 6-1 inch 10×32 mounting bolts. Too many bolts or too tight an enclosure can affect your journey or cause the enclosure to burst and damage your electronics.




Skateboard truck. The style depends on how you ride. For more information, see our guide on electric skateboard trucks. The tracks in this build will be ultra-wide, reverse kingpin, and carry-back tile tracks.




Duro skate wheels with torque board 110mm urethane 79 Kegel hubs and adapters are available in this growing section of electric skateboards.




Bone red wheel bearing. These are personal choices as I also do “analog” skateboarding. There are many brands out there. These can be an important part of your ride in some environments. For more information on skateboard bearings, see our guide on electric skateboard bearings.


Pulleys and belts:


The length of the belt depends on the build. This structure uses a 36-tooth Kegel pulley and an 18-tooth 8mm VanPro drive pulley for the motor. The belt size for this setup should be approximately 375mm.