Ethereum is the coin (ETH) and the platform founded in 2015. If you look at crypto charts, you will see that this asset is one of the leading cryptos in the world. The asset’s market capitalization is $187 billion. The current Ethereum price (mid-July2022) is $1538.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum runs on its own blockchain. This platform allows developers to create decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. Thousands of blockchain games run on the Ethereum blockchain. Many other crypto projects base their coins on this blockchain as well. So the Ethereum network has quite a wide range of use.

The Ethereum blockchain runs on the Proof-of-Work consensus protocol, which means every coin is mined in a “traditional” way for cryptocurrency. It means miners use high-tech equipment to produce every block in the blockchain. 

However, the Ethereum network is now about to transition to the Proof-Of-Stake protocol, which the developers have worked on for several years. 

Benefits Of Ethereum Transition to the PoS

The transition of the Ethereum network to the PoS protocol has a lot of advantages:

  • Significant reduction in inflation
  • Lowering transaction fees in the network
  • Growing opportunities for third-party developers that deploy their dApp on the Ethereum blockchain
  • With the transition to PoS, ETH will be staked, not mined. Staking is a much easier and easier way to receive new coins, unlike mining, which requires expensive equipment and electricity costs. PoS also makes Ethereum environmental-friendy.
  • As a result, the popularization of the project and ETH price growth.

How To Buy Ethereum?

It appears that ETH will soon become one of the most popular crypto assets to invest in, for its price will increase as well as the functionality and opportunities of its blockchain. So maybe Ethereum would be a better option to buy now rather than Bitcoin.

To buy Ethereum, we recommend using credible crypto platforms like Binance, WhiteBIT, KuCoin, etc. Centralized crypto exchanges allow purchasing digital assets with fiat currencies. Also, you may take advantage of all the earning opportunities and trading tools such as margin, spot, futures trading, p2p, staking, etc. And these all together with the high level of safety for your funds and data.