How to care for your hair naturally

We all want beautiful, strong and healthy hair , and many times we think that to achieve this it is necessary to undergo all kinds of treatments, however the answer is always natural. The way we take care of our hair on a daily basis is the key to maintaining an incredible mane, without the need to apply any type of product or professional treatment. At touched by an angel salon we explain how to take care of your hair naturally and make it look beautiful.

Steps to follow:

1: Our daily habits have more influence on the appearance of the hair than any treatment you can apply, so it is advisable to review and correct some habits if the goal is to show off an impressive mane. Start with the choice of your products: always choose a shampoo, conditioner and styling cream suitable for your hair type. These will help you maintain and improve the condition of natural hair effectively.

2: Don’t overdo the shampoo when washing your hair. A tablespoon-size portion is enough to remove dirt. Using a lot of shampoo only causes the hair follicle to swell, making the hair appear dull, and it can also make the scalp greasy while the hair looks dry, a common phenomenon among people who wash their hair too much.

3: Remove the conditioner or mask very well when washing your hair, the residues make the hair look very dull to the eye. Remember that you should not apply this type of product to the roots if you want to prevent them from looking more greasy than normal.

4: Without wanting to take care of your hair in a natural way, control brushing. Combing your hair excessively encourages loss and also increases breakage, the ideal is to do it a few times a day without exaggerating.

5: Are you one of those who always wear pigtails? Well, it is time for you to know that these are the main responsible for premature hair loss. Using pigtails that are too tight makes the hair weaker, making it finer, so avoid them.

If you can’t stand your hair down, maybe it’s time you think about natural hair salon and cutting it back and wearing a flattering look instead of a monotonous ponytail all day.

6: If you wash your hair every day, you should leave it unwashed for at least once a week. This allows natural oils to act on the hair follicles, hydrating them, a great way to care for your hair naturally.

7: A great way to remove moisture from your hair without using the dryer for a long time, is wrapping it in a towel after bathing. But to do it without mistreating your hair, avoid applying too much force or violence, just wrap your hair gently and leave the towel for at least 5 minutes.

8: We love to change our look and work to improve the appearance of our hair, but if you want to take care of your hair in a natural way, control the application of treatments and chemical products. Excess dyes, drying, straightening and other techniques deteriorate our hair significantly, often to the extreme, so opt for more natural measures to change or improve your look.

9: Nature is full of favorable ingredients for our hair that you can get in any market, and that will give an incredible contribution to your hair. An avocado mask, a mixture of honey and banana, natural masks for dry hair, or sweet almond oil, are excellent options to show off wonderful hair without applying a single chemical product.

10: Do not forget that your diet and habits are key to healthy hair. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is one of the best ways to take care of your hair naturally and show off a beautiful and shiny mane.

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