How To Check Who Your Subscribers Are On YouTube – Analytics

You can see how many of your own or other people’s subscribers you have on YouTube in various ways, such as through the “YouTube Creative Studio” app, under the video or in the channel name. But if the user has hidden or restricted the ability to view subscribers – this option will not be available.

On Computer

View your own and other people’s YouTube followers on your computer.

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Your Subscribers

  • You can see how many of your own subscribers you have in your account through the YouTube Creative Studio app.
  • Log in to YouTube and sign in to your account. Click on the “Account” line at the top of the screen on the left.
  • Click on “Channel Status and Available Features” to enter the studio.youtube menu.
  • You can see the number of your subscribers at the top of the page.
  • Here you can also view all analytics for the last 28 days, including all subscribers for that period by day.
  • To do this you need to enter the “Analytics” section by clicking on the appropriate button on the left side of the screen.
  • In the window that will open, you will see all the analytics for your channel, including new subscribers.
  • You can click the “View Statistics” button and see the information on the latest subscribers, videos, and views for the last 28 days. Everything can be much easier if you resort to the service https://lowcostsmm.com, where you can easily order subscribers, views and likes for YouTube and Instagram.

Important: Subscribers are updated within 48 hours. Therefore, the actual number of new subscribers to your channel will be displayed after two days.

Alien subscribers.

Unfortunately, direct access to view subscribers on someone else’s channel is limited. You can only see the number of views.

For example, if you enter the home page of the site, the video and the number of views below it will be displayed. Until recently, you could see the total number of subscribers there.

When opening a video of interest, only the views are also displayed.

And in the section “About the channel” you can’t see the subscribers.

Subscribers are hidden by default for all channels. You can change the privacy settings for your channel. For example, make it public, so other users see everyone who is subscribed to you.

Sign in to your account and click the avatar icon in the upper right corner.

In the menu that opens, click My Channel.

Go to “Settings”.

In the Privacy section, move the toggle switch icon to the left.

Other Ways

It’s possible to view other people’s subscribers and other analytical data using third-party services. For example, through the site popsters.ru.

How to use this service:

Enter the address of the site popsters.ru in your browser bar.

On the main page that opens, familiarize yourself with the interface and click “Try”.

In the menu that appears, select the desired section to enter – in this case, YouTube. Click on the appropriate button.

The system will request access to your account and associated email.

Important: The Popsters app will have full access to your linked accounts, not only to YouTube.

If you decide to continue with Popsters:

  • Allow the platform the requested access.
  • On the menu that opens, type the address of the channel you want to check into the search bar.
  • Follow the site’s prompts to get the information you need.

On your phone


The official Youtube app for smartphones gives you the ability to view your channel’s subscribers.

Your subscribers.

  • To view your followers, log in to the mobile app and sign in.
  • Click on the icon with your avatar.
  • In the window that appears, click “My Channel.
  • The number of subscribers to your channel will be displayed under the channel name.

Other people’s subscribers.

Viewing analytical and statistical information in other users’ accounts is not provided in the official YouTube app.

You can try to use the old methods:

Log in to the home page through the app and log in.

Select any video in the newsfeed. Unfortunately, this displays the number of views, not subscribers.

Go to the profile where the video is posted and click the “About Channel” button at the top of the screen. YouTube, like Instagram and Telegram, ranks accounts based on assets on it. That’s why CaptainSmm – https://captainsmm.com is an ideal solution for those who want to save their time and effort.

A full description of the channel and additional information will appear. But, it also lists viewers, not subscribers.

How to see other people’s subscribers on third-party services

In addition to the application “Popsters” described above, it is possible to check the followers of other people’s profiles on other third-party services:


  • LiveDunePro;
  • JagaJam;
  • vidIQ Vision;
  • SeeZisLab;
  • SocialBlade;

LiveDunePro – a platform that allows you to view all the analytics and dynamics of your competitors. Of the features – you can do comparative statistics of your own and other people’s reach. In addition, the service analyzes and shows the number of subscribers on someone else’s channel, likes and comments. There is a demo version and a paid version.

JagaJam is a convenient service that allows you to monitor 9 social networks. The site has a simple and accessible interface in Russian. Here you can not only see the subscribers, but also track the dynamics of subscriptions and unsubscriptions for a calculated period of time. There is no demo version and access is paid, but there are promotional offers, which give the opportunity to use the service for free.

VidIQ Vision is a platform presented as a Google Chrome console. In order to work with the service you need to download an extension for your browser, and then you can analyze the data online. Together with the subscriber verification, the program gives the SEO analysis. There is a paid version and a simplified demo.

SeeZisLab is a service that gives access to full analytical information of any YouTube channel, including the number of followers with full-fledged statistics of subscriptions and unsubscriptions. There is paid and free content.

TubeBuddy – The platform is very similar to vidIQ Vision. Here you also need to install an extension for Mozilla or Google Chrome browsers. The differences are the console with recommendations for promoting the channel and repost statistics. There are paid and free versions.

SocialBlade is a site with free access that allows not only to see the subscribers of the channel, but also to conduct financial monitoring. It is possible to calculate the estimated income by placing YouTube ads.

Reasons why the display of the exact number of YouTube subscribers was removed

The official reason that was given by the developers – to preserve the mental health of YouTube users, avoiding the stress of each subscribed and unsubscribed. It is better to concentrate not on numbers, but to devote time to really useful things – improving the content you create, its variety and so on.

However, there are other reasons, for example, a considerable number of third-party services, created in a fairly short time, which are engaged in analyzing the number of subscribers and unsubscribes, tracking the dynamics in real time. YouTube is unlikely to take kindly to this state of affairs. These services create a load on the video hosting service, but in practical terms their usefulness is highly questionable.

So, a logical conclusion was made that demonstration of the exact number of subscribers is not beneficial for YouTube and can even harm it.

As a result, the only possible solution, which, according to the company, should cause a minimum of discontent and in fact will suit the majority – the introduction of rounding figures display responsible for showing subscribers.

How do you know the exact number of subscribers of a YouTube channel?

It’s worth saying right away that trying to search for an Internet service that could display this information is pointless. After all, all existing and created in the future third-party services draw information from the API (program interface) YouTube. That is, all data was officially requested through a specific protocol from YouTube itself. But there were also made changes that under no circumstances will not allow to find out the exact numbers of subscribers on any channel in YouTube.

The only way – is to write to the owner of the channel, so he voiced the exact number of subscribers. Other ways do not exist and they are unlikely to appear over time.  YouTube is adamant in its decisions.

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