How to Choose Necklace for You and Your Girlfriend

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriend? You can’t go wrong with a stylish meaningful necklace! Many options out there, it can be a challenge to find the right piece whether you’re an experienced jewelry buyer or not. From chunky chains to gemstone pendants, there’s a variety of styles to choose from that will bring a smile to your girlfriends’ face. Below are our tips on how to choose the perfect necklace for your girlfriend

Look at what type of necklace she already has

Whenever you’re looking for jewellery for someone else, the same questions pop up. Gold or silver? What style do they like? Do they enjoy trends? So first take a look at her jewellery collection. Looking at her jewellery answers these questions easily. It gives you a better idea of what she likes, moreover what she might be missing and her favourite style and materials. Necklaces aren’t your only clues either – take note of all her jewellery. If she steers towards bright and bold colours, pick a colourful necklace that will standout alongside her other accessories. If she prefers simple shapes, go for a classic necklace in a similar style. This attention to detail is what makes a jewellery gift so special.

Determine material & colour of necklace

Next, determine what colours and materials she likes. If she’s a big fan of silver, pick a silver necklace. She prefers gold, go for a gold piece – it’s that simple! If you’re looking for necklaces for both you and your girlfriend, matching materials is a great way to do this. And If you want to match without making it obvious, pick similar necklaces in different colours or materials – you wear silver, she wears gold! If you really want to get involved with picking her jewellery, go for something handmade. You can either make a necklace for her or make them together for a special date night. 

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A close-up of a necklace

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Find her style

Necklace styles are truly endless – which is why we encourage you to research what she likes. Moreover, Pay attention to the length and design of the necklaces she wears and fit this into your search. If you notice her obsession with chain necklaces, get her a chain. If she’s never without a choker, get her a choker. Obviously, you don’t want to be picking out a necklace that’s the same as her favourite piece, but you can find something similar that compliments it. 

Make it special with symbols

Now you know her style, make it special with symbols personal to her and your relationship. However, we’d recommend this if you’re getting this necklace for a special occasion. Try incorporating her birthstone for her birthday, a date for your anniversary, and a loving message for Valentine’s day. Another way to make a necklace meaningful is through symbols. Symbols that represent love and commitment like infinity and heart shapes are sweet mementos you can show in pendant form!

Try a trend

Is she adventurous with her jewellery or always trying something new? If you’ve looked at her collection and you’re still not sure about her style, try a trend. Get her a necklace that’s in style that she can wear immediately. Even if it goes out of style, that doesn’t mean she’ll stop liking it, plus it may become a classic throwback piece and reminder of the time.

Let her pick

Finally, let her pick! If you’re not sure or can’t calm the anxious perfectionist inside of you, it’s always better to ask what she wants and if she has anything particular in mind. It might ruin a surprise, but she’ll appreciate the thought and your desire to get her something she’ll love!

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