How to choose the right lip shade?

Choosing the right lipstick has always been a matter of concern. People are tired of taking their chances on a lip colour these days and they always want to pick up a shade that really works for them.

According to many makeup experts everyone can rock a bold colour and keep up on the latest trends when it comes to lip shades. If one wants to carry that red lipstick perfectly then one must apply a lip balm before applying the actual colour there. This can make the lips soft and smooth and it never becomes chapped. If one wants to use something which is of matte finish then one must show off the colour that works for them.

  • When one is buying a lip color, they must look at the basics.  It mostly depends on the skin tone that what one should buy. If one has fair skin, then corals and nudes can give one a polished look. But if one is on the lookout for a bold color then they must stay away from burgundy. For those who have pink undertones, it is a good idea to stick to the natural palette like orange, pinks, and corals. This can make one look super glamorous but they must stay away from reds that have bluish tones.
  • In the case of olive skin tones, it is a good idea to go for purple and brownish reds. When one has a yellow undertone, then bronze and nude colors suit them the best. In the case of dark skin, one can go for bright reds and corals because they are a perfect contrast to the skin tone.
  • Using a lip liner is considered to be important when one is applying lipstick. One has to line and fill the entire mouth with the liner and then layer the lips with the lip color. Once the application is done, one has to use some translucent powder dust on the lips so that the lips remain polished and smooth. If one wants to avoid pigmentation on the lips then it is better to avoid the lip brush while applying lip colors.
  • When one is buying a lipstick, they must concentrate on what their natural lip color is. The base color can always help one to pick the right shades for them. If someone has pale lips then they look great in colors like coral or cherry. For naturally reddish lips, one can go for cranberry, orange or hot pink, and finally, for dark lips, it is great to go for burgundy and brick red.
  • When one has pale skin, they must ditch colors that are nearly gold or yellow. If the skin tone is darker then deep chocolate can be the right shade for them. Olive skin can go well with a hint of caramel.

To be very honest, one can rock nearly any shade if they are confident enough. One can go for lighter shades of Bobbi Brown Lipstick for day occasions and the darker ones for evenings.

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