South London

South London is one of the best places in London to call home. It is covered in greenery and nature and simultaneously contains some of the best business and educational opportunities. Many businesspeople, professionals, and families with children are migrating to South London.

If you are moving to South London, then contact a removal company. Don’t plan the move yourself, as it can be stressful, expensive, and dangerous. If you don’t have any experience with hiring removal companies, then don’t worry. This article will walk you through the entire process.

1. How removal companies calculate costs

Fixed removal costs are not a thing. Instead, they depend on various factors. A removal company’s quotation depends on the following factors.
⦁ How big or small your house is.
⦁ If you are in an apartment building, which floor is your apartment, and what is the condition of the stairs?
⦁ How narrow or wide the doors are.
⦁ How much heavy furniture that you need to move?
⦁ Distance between your old home to your new home.
⦁ Type of van used for transportation.
⦁ The number of crew members in the removal team.
⦁ The no of services you avail
⦁ In London, they might add extra charges for street congestion
⦁ The hourly rates of the removal company.
The final quotation depends on all these factors. So, different companies may demand different prices for the same house move.

2. Determine which services you need

Now that you know how a removal company calculates charges, we can go to the next step. You need to determine which services you need for your house move. Following are some standard services provided by Excellent removal companies.

⦁ House Removals: In this service, they move all things in your old to your new home. The scope of this service includes personal belongings, furniture, household appliances, and fragile appliances like TVs, fridges, etc.

⦁ International Removals: This service might come in handy if you are moving to south London from abroad. If you order this service, the removal company will help you move your belongings overseas to South London.

⦁ Piano Removals: If you have a piano at your home by any chance, you need to book this service. Pianos are challenging to transfer because they are heavy and delicate. Removing them requires specialized personnel.

⦁ Packing Service: If you want the removal company to help pack your stuff, add this service to your list. They will handle all the packing and bring everything they need with them.

⦁ Removals Storage: This service is for situations when you must immediately move out of your current home. But you can’t move to your new home just yet for some reason. So, it would be best if you had a place to put your things. Add this service to your list if you are in such a situation.

⦁ Complete package: If you don’t want to do anything yourself during your move, add this service to your list. The removal company will handle everything, including packing, moving, unpacking, and setting everything up at your new home. To get kinds of information like this topics, stay with the Secrecyfilm.

3. Make a list of south London removal companies

Find a few reputable removal companies based in South London. Search on the internet; ask your friends and family for recommendations; search yellow pages. By now, you should have a list of South London removal companies. If Delahaye Moving is not on your list, then add it. It is a reputable removal company that has been in business for over 40 years.

4. Narrow down your list

Check to see which removal companies provide the services you need. Remove the companies that don’t offer your required service from your list. You must double-check and update your list if you are transporting some special and delicate equipment. In case a company doesn’t have the tools and expertise to move the required equipment, remove it from your list.

5. Order a pre-move survey from removal companies on your list

Select three or four companies from your list and order a pre-move survey from them on different days. During a survey, the company’s representative will come and survey your house.
They will check the size and layout of your house and pay attention to details that may cause problems during moving. The company will pay special attention to narrow hallways and doors, stairways, etc.

They do this for two reasons: one, to bring specialized equipment for the job when you move, and two, to give you a quote. More difficult places you have in do this process from every company and get their quotes.
If a company gives you a quote without a pre-move survey, then don’t choose it. Because they will add additional charges to you after the move, it will mess up your budget.

6. Ask for details on every quotation

Your task in this step is to inquire about the details of the quotations given by every company. Never accept a quote given to you without question. You must know what services are in this quotation and what services aren’t.

This ensures you won’t get extra charges for services not added to the estimate. If some essential service is not in the quotation, ask them to include it and update the quotation.
Remember to ask for discounts because when moving, every bit of your money matters; save as much as possible.

7. Check reviews of the company

Sort all the remaining companies on your list in ascending order according to their quotations. Now start checking reviews about the companies starting from the one with the smallest quotation. You can check the company’s website, its social media profiles, and reviews on the websites.
If you think that company is good, then choose it. If not, go to the next company on your list and repeat the same process.

8. Make an appointment

Contact your selected company to make sure it is available when you move. If they are unavailable, either change your planned moving day or choose another company from your list.

It would be best to go through this process to ensure you get the best possible deal. But if you can’t follow it for some reason, then directly contact Delahaye Moving

( They have forty years of experience so they will handle your move to your satisfaction.

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