Presentation is everything. Your house is a part of you and speaks a lot about yourself. Color and texture help in setting the tone and mood of the house. Not just the walls, but the tiles play a huge role in that. By selecting different tiles, you can change the appearance of the house completely. Be it placing them on the floor, on the walls of the room, or even your bathroom.

There are a lot of options available for tiles in the market. Tile supplier companies in Mississauga have the best options. Let’s talk about the art of choosing the right tile. Most people tend to get carried away by the beauty of the tile, often forgetting if it goes with the aesthetic of their house. But keeping that in mind, let’s talk about certain factors to keep in mind while selecting tiles that are best suited for you.

1. Style of your house

Tiles can look beautiful. But before choosing one for yourself, you need to consider the style of your house and what type of tile would look good in your house. Do some research and go through magazines, search the internet, maybe try a color wheel for color. Work with the color of your house. Try to find something that naturally suits your house. When you ask professionals of tiles warehouse Mississauga they can help you out by showing you the many options they have. Professionals also explain what type of tile goes best with which room of your house. The tiling options also differ according to the place you want to tile.

2. Don’t just go for looks

Most people tend to choose tiles, based on their aesthetic features such as color patterns and textures. But, the trouble arises when people get so impressed with the aesthetics of the tiles that they overlook their basic functionality. They forget that certain tiles can only be used in certain areas and not all tiles are easily applicable everywhere. Different types of tiles have different functionalities.


When you contact flooring and ceramic tile Mississauga you can see the many options they have for tiles. For example, if you go for glass tiles in your bathroom just because they look good you’re calling for disaster. It is important to choose moderately hard tiles in your bathroom, like ceramic ones which are not just stain-resistant and water-proof but also slip-and-fall disaster-resistant. In your bathroom, you should also choose tiles that don’t absorb water as that can encourage bacteria to build up. This can lead to several other types of disasters.

3. Specific hardness for specific places

According to the place in your house you need to put the tiles on, the hardness of the tile will also differ. You will need different hardness for different locations. Like tiles that only need to be used on walls can be more fragile than the ones on the floor which have to serve the purpose of walking.

This is why the tiles on the bathroom wall are more fragile than the tiles on the bedroom floor. The material will also differ depending on the same preference of location. For example, bathroom wall tiles can be ceramic, but floor tiles have to have some hard material like marble.

The hardness is dependent on foot traffic. Naturally, the places with more foot traffic would be the floors and with no foot traffic would be the walls. Tile supplier companies Mississauga say that the best type of tiles for your countertops and walls are the ones with moderate hardness and with scratch resistance. You can go for either ceramic or porcelain tiles for these places.

4. What color to choose

Depending on the color of your walls and furnishings, choose the tiles that complement them the best. Use a color wheel if you’re having trouble. You can also go for different textures and prints. There are tiles that are handmade and handcrafted as well. Also, there are different textures for different surfaces. Flooring and ceramic tile Mississauga will help you understand which tile textures to use based on the surrounding of your room.


Like a tile with stone, textures would look good in a shower to give a more natural waterfall feeling. Tiles that are hand-painted and have more of a pastel color can suit very well near the dinner table or coffee/tea table. For more busy areas of the home, the combination of greys and whites is preferred.

5. Different sizes

Different sizes of tiles are available in the market. Tile supplier companies Mississauga have explained that smaller sized tiles to be used in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where the tiling area is small. Bigger tiles are used in places where there is more area so adjusting the tiles doesn’t become too much of a problem.

Also, bigger tiles make the room look larger as well. Also, if you install light color tiles in the area which doesn’t get much natural light, the area appears much lighter. You can even install some light tiles on the walls to enhance the illusion of light. This works particularly well in small bathrooms and rooms.


Installing the best tiles to enhance the look of your house can prove to be a difficult task. With the help of flooring and ceramic tile Mississauga, this problem can be solved easily. Let the professionals help you and make your house look like a piece of art.