How to Control Your Cat Friend’s Weight in 3 Simple Steps

While a few additional kilos may make a minor difference for humans, they make a vast difference for our fur babies. A little more weight makes up a significant percentage of their current body mass. That is why feline parents must ensure they provide their beloved cats only a calculated number of treats and well-balanced nutritious meals. They must also include exercise, play and other activities to come up with suitable lifestyle adaptations to keep their fluffy friend’s weight under check all the time.

Cat obesity can lead to various health problems like diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, joint degeneration, etc. Before your kitty’s weight crosses the threshold limit, make sure she gets the necessary attention and care from you, so she doesn’t have to deal with complicated health issues later. Otherwise, she may need your vet’s help for the diagnosis and treatment of critical medical conditions. Having cheap pet insurance is always beneficial as it helps you provide your pet friend with regular medical care and treatment for a wide range of conditions. With cat insurance in NZ, your furball gets top-notch medical care at affordable prices.

This article highlights the advantages of maintaining a healthy weight and some tips on how your cat can lose some kilos with no adverse health effects.

How does keeping your feline friend at a healthy weight help?

Many domesticated cats are overweight. You already know how obesity affects human health. It is no different in cats. Major health complaints, as mentioned above, potentially cut short your pet companion’s life span and may require your fluffy friend to stay on medication until her last breath.

Also, when your cat feels heavy, her physical activity reduces due to lethargy but also, you may also observe diminishing interest in social interaction and reduced engagement in playtime. So, her overall quality of life comes down day by day.

To combat these adverse effects, make sure you help your kitty maintain a healthy weight. Talk to your vet to know about the appropriate steps to achieve this for your kitty, which will mostly depend on your cat size and breed.

How can your kitty cat lose weight in a few steps?

Having a fluffy cat at home is cute, but heavy petting has its disadvantages. Once you notice your cat crossing the standard weight line, you must make some changes in her daily routine, so she slims down and stays healthy.

1.     Regulate the number of treats tossed into her dish.

We know you love to pamper your furry friend. Still, offering her more treats than required is not the way to go. Instead, substitute treats with her favourite toys to reward her in any obedience training sessions.

2.     Feed her vet recommended cat food.

Talk to your vet to know about the best cat food that aids in her weight loss journey. Whether she loves dry food or wet food, several options have fewer calories and keep her tummy full.

3.     Keep her mentally and physically engaged.

Stimulating your cat forms a considerable part of your cat’s weight loss plan. She needs some active time squeezed into her schedule, so she sheds a few extra kilos.

In combination with these measures, have cheap pet insurance so your cat has great medical backup in needy times. Cat insurance NZ provides your kitty with comprehensive health cover and helps pay for the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues sprouting from being overweight. Purchase a cheap pet insurance policy, so you spend only a little while getting your pet excellent medical care.

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