Radial Nerve Injury

The radial nerve is the one that runs under your arm. And it also controls movement in your tricep muscles located on the back of your upper arm. This nerve is responsible for going into your fingers and wrists. It controls sensation on parts of your hand.

The radial nerve injury can result in radial neuropathy, also known as radial nerve palsy. This injury can be due to infection, physical trauma, or being exposed to toxins. It often causes tingling or numbness or burning pain. It may be painless, but the condition can cause difficulty moving your wrist, hand, or even fingers or weakness in these parts.

How to cope with your radial nerve injury?

The main goal of your treatment of nerve damage is to relieve these symptoms while also marinating enough movement in your hand and wrist. The ideal treatment is based on all underlying causes.

In a few cases, symptoms might go away rather slowly all on their own without any external intervention. Your doctors might prescribe your medication or some other therapies that help manage these symptoms.

The first-lien treatment of radial nerve injury includes:

  • Steroid injections
  • Analgesic anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Ant seizure medications
  • Anesthetic creams or some patches
  • Splints or braces
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Getting physical therapy
  • Wearing a brace

Some people also go for TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation that helps treat nerve pain symptoms. This therapy includes placing many electrodes on the skin near the affected area. These electrodes deliver a very gentle electric current at different speeds.

Physical therapy is also used to build muscle strength that helps heal the nerve damage and improve their functioning.

Get braces and splints:

For radial nerve injury, you can also get braces or splints to help immobilize the nerve. This may not sound like the easiest option, but it can keep you from reinjuring your nerves while they are healing. You can also get help from a chiropractic message and arrangement.

How can I keep radial nerve damage at bay?

You can also prevent radial nerve injury if you don’t put prolonged pressure on your upper arms. Avoid any behaviors that may give you nerve damage, such as having reported motion or staying in cramped positions while sleeping or sitting.

If you are working in offices or occupations that need repetitive motions, take steps to protect yourself by having enough breaks and switching between tasks that require different motions.

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You must not let these symptoms stay as they can become even more harmful if left untreated. Get a thorough checkup on your symptoms and get due to treatment started as suggested by your doctor. You should consider having a routine checkup to assess if the treatment is working and if the symptoms are getting mild or not.