Heavy Winters

In the cold winter, wearing many coats helps you stay warmer than wearing only one thick shirt, however, when wearing too many shirts, we will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, manufacturers have launched a line of thermal clothing, with a thin design, but extremely warm, allowing the wearer to wear it inside a shirt or sweater to increase the ability to keep warm for the body, especially for those traveling by motorbike.

What is Vlone clothing?

Vlone clothing is a special type of clothing that is thin and light and has the ability to keep the body warm.

The thermal vest is a type of thermal clothing that helps the wearer to keep the body warm. Thanks to the fabric and heat-tech sewing technology, creating an extremely porous heat-retaining fabric with 69% of the volume of the fabric being insulated hollow chambers, giving the outfit an outstanding ability to keep warm.

Note when keeping children warm on cold days

  • Dressing in layers: Some mothers who find it cold often wear sweaters and thick coats for their children, but this is not the ideal way to dress their children. The best way is to dress in layers to easily adjust the clothes to suit the baby’s body temperature. Make sure not to wear more than 4 layers of clothes, otherwise, the child will feel difficult to move and secret, even sweat.
  • The innermost layer of clothing should let children wear kids thermal wear online, cotton close to the body, followed by sweaters, jackets, when going out, children need more hats and gloves. When going to bed, children need extra blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Clothes that are warm but comfortable: many mothers choose to close their children by wearing thick, tight clothes before going to bed. But in fact, this is an unscientific way to keep warm. Wearing too many clothes can cause the baby to get hot, sweat a lot, reverse the cold and easily get pneumonia. To some extent, over-warming can cause sudden infant death.
  • According to experts, when in the house, to keep the child’s head ventilated and comfortable, there is no need to wear a hat. Only when going out do children need to wear a hat to keep warm.
  • Do not over-wrap or wrap the baby: Wrapping the baby in too many layers can hinder the baby’s breathing process. Avoid using long scarves around the baby’s neck or face; instead, shield the child from light winds with the help of a stroller or move the child into a sheltered place.
  • Things to avoid: thick and heavy blankets; soft and light mattresses; Electric blankets or electric mattresses, heaters… These are items that can put children at risk of suffocation, burns, or entrapment.

Ensure adequate nutrition for children: A balanced diet is a prerequisite to help children stay healthy during the harsh winter. At this time of year, children’s immune systems are often weakened due to weather conditions, so parents should increase their intake of immune-boosting foods such as broccoli, garlic, ginger, etc. Seafood, yogurt and fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines.