How to cut vinyl plank flooring?

Indeed, vinyl plank flooring is not easy to cut. However, before you cut vinyl, make sure that you are dealing with it safely. For instance, make sure you are wearing gloves. There are some important aspects to consider. To cut the vinyl floor properly, make sure that the decor side is an upside. 

Firstly, take a pencil and draw. Draw the line at the point of measurement. After this, cut the plank. You can use some pliers for this as well. Of course, in this way, planks are easier to cut. If you are trying to cut the floor in some special shape, you can easily do this. Please draw the shape, cut it, and now it’s ready to use.

Vinyl plank flooring is easy to handle. This is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. Along with all the unique features, it is entirely a DIY project. It is one of those floors that are good for both homes and offices. Keep in mind; these floors are not only durable and affordable but also hygienic. This flooring has the least complexities. But, this floor needs certain careful action while cutting. 

For proper and flawless placement, read some guides. Moreover, you can also get some help from professionals. In this post, we are here to tell you about the best ways how you can vinyl plank flooring in the best possible ways. 

 How to cut vinyl plank flooring 

  • Vinyl plank flooring in Columbus is easy to cut. However, it would help if you had a professional cutter or a sharp knife for this purpose. Moreover, you can also cut it with the help of cork.
  • First of all, marked the interface. You can do this with the help of a pen. Draw an angle. After this, scratch the surface slightly with the use of the knife.
  • Click planks need sharp edges. So if they are pressed, draw a breaking point and cut it. Cut the clean edges at the predetermined threshold. 
  • If some pieces are not easily cut, use some pliers for this purpose. This is mainly for those that are not easy to cut by hand.

Keep in mind you can easily cut vinyl with the help of a sharp cutter. Draw a shallow cut first. However, you can not scratch the plank deeply. Only make a simple cut and scratch it a bit. After this, bend it and cut it.

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Easy ways to cut corners of vinyl plank flooring 

  •  Cut out the corners with a jigsaw. 

With the help of a jigsaw, you can cut the vinyl floor. However, this is only to create a narrow cut. On the other hand, if you need a; longitudinal cut, use a cutter knife and then crack the plank. Moreover, if you want extra fine cuts, you can also use a jigsaw. Indeed this is one of the best ways to cut corners. 

  • Use a knife to cut corners. 

For straight cuts, use a knife. For this purpose, firstly, cut the planks in a narrow position. No doubt this tiresome. However, it’s quite possible you can slip from a carpet knife. Anyhow, the only safe way to cut vinyl corners is without sliding off the knife. Apply a little pressure and use a metal angle for this. Moreover stay careful, so that you may not damage the flooring. 

Some pro tips for cutting vinyl plank flooring 

Along with the ideas mentioned above to cut vinyl flooring, there are some additional pro tips by Columbus flooring stores.

Use a knife with a concave edge. Also, make sure it’s a knife. It will assist you in completing your tasks more quickly. Use a sharp knife instead of a plain small knife. They’re usually far less useful and far more harmful. A knife that isn’t completely sharp is the same. For this proposal, do not use a saw.

When cutting your iron, keep in mind that the engraved side should always be facing up. Mark the cut line at the set value with a pencil. Cut the iron with a sharp knife, then cut it in half with the decorative side facing outward.

While cutting the opposite end of the iron, use a board to stabilize the other end. If you only need to trim a little edge, pliers (or a similar tool) are a good choice.


Usually, a utility knife is enough to cut vinyl plank flooring. However, make sure that you are not affecting the wear layers. Remember, this is a durable floor. But durability mainly depends on the urethane or other wear layer. No doubt vinyl is an affordable choice. If you are not a careful dealer or a mid-level person, you cannot enjoy the vibe. So cut it properly and enjoy the worth later on.

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