How To Design Attractive Construction Site Hoarding

Construction sites are legally required to put up a hoarding board to keep the public away and avoid any possible accidents at the site. But more or less, you can utilize this clause to market your business and generate more leads.

In this blog, we would be sharing some amazing design ideas that would help you maximize your gains from advertising through hoardings. It would also help you elevate the effectiveness of the hoarding and comply with the rules and regulations to avoid any legal lawsuit and delay the project.

Why are you required to put a hoarding at the construction site?

Not always it is your choice to put or not to put a hoarding at the construction site. Sometimes you are legally bound to do so. It is essential that you are aware of what the rules and regulations say about the hoarding requirement of a large construction site. Also, there are some sub-regulations that you must follow while going for hoarding construction:

  • The hoarding graphic cannot be more than 38m2
  • You cannot be installed more than 4.6m above ground level.
  • You cannot put them more than 3 months before starting the construction work or more than 3 years in a row.
  • You would be required to submit a legal notification to the local authority to inform them about the planning of the hoarding advertisement.

How to design an eye catchy construction site hoarding?

While designing a construction site hoarding, you must mandatorily follow the above-mentioned rules and regulations. Some other things that you must consider while designing an attractive construction site hoarding are:

  1. Decide your priorities

You must start by identifying your priorities. It would help you get a clear understanding of what is essential to include the hoarding and would also ensure that you are benefitted from your investments.

Other than that, the material that you choose for your hoarding should be able to withstand the heat and the water. Otherwise, you would be required to replace it again and again, and this would increase your overhead expense extremely. Also, some materials would be much better for hoarding printing than others. Connect with the right service provider to find the available choices.

  1. The design elements

For every material type, there is a type of color that looks extremely good on it. You must talk with an experienced boarding printing company to understand how well your hoardings would look on different types of material.

Also, make sure to choose the right colors. Designing is all about using the real-estate of the entire hoarding well to adjust all the important elements in it. It would help you in grabbing the attention of the people and would ensure a higher return on investment.

Other things, such as the content you choose to put on the hoarding, must match your brand personality. The words, tone, and quirkiness in the design and content would help you make your standout presence in the market.

  1. Don’t forget about the readability

Hoardings are installed at a height and are of a particular size. While designing a hoarding for a construction site, consider factors such as typefaces and font sizes. Font size too small would be too hard for the people passing by to read the message. Then and there itself, you would fail in your marketing goal.

Also, consider if the road is much busy during the night time. People would want to read the hoarding but would be unable to do so if there are no light elements added to it. During the hoarding construction, consider adding colors, or backlit hoardings or front-lit hoarding that are easy to read at night; adding neon attention-grabbing details too must suffice.

  1. Consider the size of the hoarding

Meanwhile, the hoarding would be big; there are different sizes available in the hoardings too. It all depends on the site size and the factors such as availability and visibility of the hoarding. Normally, the available hoarding sizes are:

  • 10×20 feet
  • 10×30 feet
  • 20×20 feet
  • 20×30 feet
  • 20×40 feet
  • 30×40 feet
  • 40×40 feet
  • 15×25 feet
  • 15×30 feet

Wrapping Up

These were some important things that you must consider while designing a construction site hoarding. Hoarding printing would take a lot of decision-making. Also, don’t forget the rules and regulations. The whole point behind installing a hoarding is to communicate your message to people that pass by it. Make sure you use all the right design elements, such as colors, fonts, font size, tone, etc., in the right manner to get the right action from the people.  For more information, such as the available size and the material, contact Foamex Printing Company UK for a free consultation.

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