How to Design Impressive Vape Cartridge Packaging

Vapes have gained immense popularity in recent years, and many people are adopting them as a substitute for smoking. The competition for designing the vape cartridge packaging is becoming stronger with each passing day. The attractive designs and the quality of boxes invite the customers to have a look at the products. Other than providing a quality view and protection to the goods, the package also serves as the marketing tool for business. The appealing designs on the package ensure to maximize the sales. The attractive boxes give a competitive edge to the companies and make their products a demanding choice in the market.

Consider the Shape 

While designing the vape cartridge packaging, the foremost important thing to consider is the shape of the box. Vapes are highly prone to damage both physically and chemically. The box must be designed in a way that prevents the entry of oxygen, moisture, or any light. The reason being the evaporation of e-liquids. It will evaporate at a higher rate if any oxygen or moisture flows in. other than that, a box is equally important to avoid breakage and promote the security of bottles. So to design the box, check for the layout of vapes and then design the package accordingly. It will significantly and carefully enclose the vapes in it without any worry of shape deformation or damage.

Use Colors 

Colors enhance the visual appeal of the boxes. An impressive packaging is the one that gets the attention by a mere look at the box. It should have appealing content in it so that it can attract the customers towards them. Using colors is a vibrant option while designing the package, but in the case of vape boxes, the choice of colors must be considered. Mostly the target audience here is adults, and they will not like a bright hue in the packaging. So taking notes of that, the colors must be subtle and elegant. It will accurately depict the product quality and will get all the eyes on it. The usage of colors is not limited, but a fine balance must be achieved that pleases the eye.

Go for Attractive Designs 

The design of the box is equally necessary. No box can get a wholly look without the designs. Choosing mature and easy designs in vape packaging will help to allure the target audience. The box must not be overboard with the designing ideas. A unique touch would be sufficient in this case. The designs that can be used in these packages are abstract lines, geometric patterns, pictures of the products, graphics, texts, or a custom top window. The box must have a cushion inside that can protect the vapes. The die-cut machinery will give the box a completely different and unique look. It assists the customers to have a look at the inside products without opening them.

Check Durability 

The boxes must have those materials in them which are sturdy and good in strength. As they have to protect the vapes from damage, so they need to have that special protective factor in them. The durability of the boxes must be checked on every step, and if there is any malfunctioning area, it should be fixed right there. The strength of the boxes is a definite element that everyone looks for when purchasing the product. These days, manufacturers are using materials that are not only durable but also sustainable such as Kraft, Bux Board, or cardstock. They shield the products at all levels and are also able to retain their shape in all circumstances.

Adjust the Dimensions 

The dimensions of the box determine the layout and its size. The custom vape packaging gives the benefit of adjusting the dimensions of the box according to the choice or product shape. The e-cigarettes are available in varying sizes and shapes. There is no one definite box size that fits all the products. So to accommodate each product with care, an individual box must be made. The correct dimensions will minimize the damage and also the less usage of materials. After knowing the shape, its dimension is the next thing that manufacturers need to consider. Adjusting it will help them to reduce the cost of manufacturing and will benefit them in multiple other ways.

Coat with Lamination 

To enhance the look of boxes, multiple coating and lamination techniques are made into use. A box can get an exquisite and fancy look with the use of silver and gold foiling techniques. Such boxes get an attractive display on shelves, and customers also like to purchase them. Besides, the overall look of the boxes increases splendidly. The gloss or matte options give them a complementary look that goes in accordance with the product quality. Companies can utilize these boxes to make a name in the market. Printing the logo on the box will assist them in their marketing idea. The logo is further improvised by embossing or debossing or spot UV techniques.

Assess the final result 

Before sending out the packages to market, the manufacturers must pay attention to their final assessment. They should be first checked against strict measures and assessment tests so that they do not cause any inconvenience when sold in the market. The compression or durability of boxes should be checked by an edge crush test. It will give the manufacturers an idea of the strength a box possess. Furthermore, the box must be able to withstand the resistance or any pressure during shipping. To know this, the bursting strength test is done on the boxes. All of these safety measures are considered so that the boxes can effectively perform their function by retaining their properties and shapes.

The vape cartridge packaging with careful planning and strategy can work great for the brands in multiple ways. The attractive packaging will have the potential of attracting customers towards them. It will also play its role in generating more revenue for the company. Vape lovers are very much concerned about the safety of their capes and cartridges. So if a company assures them that they will get the best value of money purchasing from them, they can get more attention from their targeted audience. Adopting practical ideas and techniques will derive all the responsiveness towards the brand.

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