How To Design Perfect Custom Box Packaging?

The custom box packaging can spark both delight and fear among the new and refreshing businesses. Designing it rightly is an intimidating job that can make or break your business. Based on the type and genre of the product you are eyeing to package, the packaging needs will vary. There are two main components that should go hand in hand in this regard; practicality

Keep simplicity your ultimate goal:

While making attempts to get noted by the observers, you may surrender to the temptation of over-doing your design. In such a scenario, you should remember that such a design can backfire too.

Talking about practicality, you should employ a minimal use of materials in the construction of these boxes.Keep it simple by not making cluttered designs and also not using excessive packaging. It will be a double-win situation for you since this way; you would be able to save money and create a maximum impact on the customers. 

Use some vintage-inspired designs:

The adage, “everything new is old again,” holds true when it comes to the designing of custom packaging boxes. The word vintage is always difficult to describe. In the packaging world, it refers to the incorporation of the design elements that were common in the era of the industrial revolution in the late 19th and early 20th century. The market dynamics reveal that many top brands today are using vintage-inspired elements in contemporary box designs. So, use the retro-themed designs in your boxes so as to evoke nostalgia and boost your product sales. 

Consider the visual stimuli:

Color is the primary factor that contributes towards evoking certain moods and casting an impact on the target audience. It is a visual stimulus that not only enhances the excitement level of the customers but also elevates the overall design of the custom packages. By selecting the appropriate colors, you can make the people feel certain emotions. The shimmering colors such as yellow and red bring excitement and energy, while the cool hues like green bear an association with the themes of meditation and relaxation. Consider what you want the target audience to feel when they first look at your custom packages. You can see other successful competitors in this regard to know what they are using in their design schemes so as to take inspiration from them. It is not always necessary to mimic others; you can find the CMYK and PMS colors that reflect well on your product and brand identity. 

Think about typography and text:

The typography is an important aspect of the custom box packaging design that needs serious consideration. This is because it is the one that will decide whether your printed text will seem legible or not. The use of bolder fonts such as display fonts is best for writing headings and subheadings. Restrain from employing mono typefaces or handwritten since they will confuse the readers, and the overall readability will be compromised. Print legibly on the custom packages with the help of thicker and bolder fonts such as serif fonts. When your boxes have darker backgrounds, and you are imprinting text with the lighter fonts, make sure you embolden them. This is because the inks often get bleed and the darker background creates an optical illusion that makes it hard for the readers to see the text. Also, make sure you use a font with an appropriate size since a smaller font size can make the printed information look fuzzy and unreadable. 

Remember to keep it green:

When asked to design the custom packages, most of the brands jump straight to the aesthetics. However, they forget to take sustainable design into account, which is the most significant consideration. With the environmental situation worsening, the customers are becoming unaccepting of the packaging solutions that do not meet the sustainability standards. Therefore, it is vital for you to restrain from the use of plastic during the construction of the custom packages. Partner with the best box company near me, which manufactures the boxes with the maximum use of renewable materials like cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated cardstock, etc. There are other factors as well that affect the sustainability of the packages; printing ink is one of them. Traditional printing inks are mostly petroleum-based that release harmful and toxic elements into the environment and are often costly. Use vegetable or soy-based inks since they provide more vibrancy in colors and do not affect the environment. 

Make it more transparent:

Most customers prefer to choose transparent designs when it comes to custom packages. It is a challenge for the brands to produce transparent designs, and they often face difficulties in this regard. However, this problem can be solved by finding a suitable wholesale packaging supplier who has mastered the art of designing many transparent designs for their customers. Work with the supplier to make your boxes more revealing so that you can cast a maximum impact in the competitive market with your product. For instance, the window encasement of your packaging with the help of the die-cutting technique can provide a more transparent design with a see-through feature. Such a type of design assures to raise the experience of the target audience and improve the worth of your products.  The design of the custom box packing needs a lot more serious consideration from your end. This is because it can provide your brand with a more professional image that is indispensable for you to survive in the market. Packaging that is designed with the above-mentioned tips is a sure way to make your brand stay on top of others

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