torrent on smartphone

Torrents are a great way to download free content including movies, applications, games, and other cool stuff. It allows you to save content on your storage device which you can access any time you want.

Initially, the torrent was designed for PCs but after its huge success, it is now possible to download torrents on your smartphone device. In this article, we will give you a quick look into how you can use torrent to download content on your mobile device.

What is a Torrent?

It is a system of computer networks that share content between the participating individual PCs called peers. There is no central server needed which makes the downloading process faster.

Torrent gives you access to the latest released films and games and some platforms like Fitgirl Repack games offer compressed versions of games as well which saves your storage space. 

Benefits of Downloading Via Torrent

Downloading from torrent is extremely useful. On traditional streaming websites, movies are uploaded after several months of their release but on the torrent, you can access these in the shortest amount of time.

You can download both local and foreign films, TV shows, old classic entertainment material, documentaries, Web series, and much more.

The video resolution of the shows in torrent is usually HD or above. Another cool thing about torrent is that it allows you to pause the download whenever you want.

Downloading Torrent on Your Phone

  • Download Torrent Client

First thing you need while torrenting is torrent client software. It is an application that handles the downloading/uploading of a torrent file .

It operates and executes using BitTorrent protocol which is a part of every torrent file. Without installing a client, downloading from a torrent file is impossible.

There are many free and paid torrent clients available for phones. The most famous ones are Utorrent, zeta torrent, TorrDroid, etc.

Make sure to install these apps from their official sites and not from third-party sources. 

Visit a Torrent Website

This step is very important. Make sure to only download torrents from a widely known torrent platform. We will mention a few of these sites shortly. No matter which site you pick, the downloading process is essentially the same.

Downloading Torrent File

First, you go to the search bar and enter the correct name of the file. The site will show several options related to your file. Choose the file that has the most seeders. The file with the highest seeders is usually the safest and downloads faster.

Once you click on the file, you will see various options like magnet download or torrent download, etc. Clicking on the torrent download will first download that particular torrent and once it is downloaded, you click on the file which takes you to the torrent client.

Clicking on magnet torrent takes you directly to the torrent client and you don’t have to wait for the file to download first. 

Best Mobile Torrent Websites

  • The Pirate Bay

Anything you want to download, name it, and Pirate Bay will provide it to you. With a cool UI and enormous media library, you can download all sorts of games, movies, and shows you want through this site.

  • Torrentz2

This site is host to a huge number of movies. The best thing is you get access to the content without any registration process for free. You just have to visit the site and download your favourite stuff with only a few clicks.

  • 1337x

This platform has a very effective interface just like moviesda HD. You can use this site for downloading films, repacked game files, and various useful software for free. There are very few ads and pop-ups to interrupt you which makes downloading even easier.

Wrapping it UP

You can download using the above-mentioned sites and torrent clients without any worry as most people are using these for quite some time and they love the results they are getting.

So, we urge you to do the same and have fun downloading torrents on your phone. This is everything you need to know to download torrents on your mobile devices. We hope with this information, you find torrenting a bit easier and have a great time.