Artists can sell music online and make money. Getting music published besides superstars is easy today than it was a decade ago. However, to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Deezer, etc. is still a little complex but not impossible.

The platforms don’t’ directly handle millions of indie music artists. Therefore, you need to go via intermediary called distributors. MusicDigi is a reliable distributor that takes care of sending your albums and tracks to multiple digital stores and streaming services.

The distributors do the majority of the task on your behalf. To sell your music on iTunes or Spotify, just upload your songs on the online distributor’s platform. They format the album and send it to the different digital music stores and streaming services. As soon as your songs reach worldwide audiences and fans download your album you start collecting royalties.

Several music distributors charge monthly or annual charges for unlimited uploads and allow you to keep 91% royalties and the copyright of music you created. A few distribution centers charge a percentage of your royalties.

Artists have to choose a music distributor because distribution needs good knowledge and is time-consuming. If you use the DIY way then your songs are exposed to piracy, even if you get your money cut. Nevertheless, when you get your music on legit sites like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. the probability of music piracy reduces very low.

Besides, distributing it is essential to find ways to promote the album to maximize the results. Therefore when you use online music distributors, you get a chance to focus on album promotion and increase your celebrity status. Social media marketing is vital to stay in touch with existing and new fans that buy your music. The distributors take charge and as an artist to get your musk on TikTok gets easy.

Steps to digitally sell music

  • On the music distributor’s website upload your music and release information within minutes.
  • Choose from more than 100 music services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.
  • The music distributor’s team will approve and release your album on the chosen streaming services and music stores within 24 hours.
  • Each time your music is downloaded or streamed, you get paid. The money is directly transferred to your account on the music distributor’s platform.

Using a reliable music distribution company, you can stay in control of music ownership as well as when, where, and how to release it. You can even monitor the sales across different streaming services and digital music stores.

With a fixed annual charge you can release unlimited music and tracks. There is no complicated pricing plan or hidden cost. Artists can easily manage several projects and co-artists from a single account. You will need UPC & ISRC codes for every release and the distributors offer this for free.

Creating a song is simple for an artist but earning from it was a tough part, which online music distribution companies have changed.

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