You and your family will feel secure and private. Fences are also strong design elements that can define a home’s exterior appearance. It can be hard to install and maintain fences. Wooden fences can look beautiful but require a lot of maintenance. Some untreated timber such cedar may be left alone and turn silvery-gray and streaky, which is not something homeowners like. PVC Fencing Jeffrey’s bay Although they give your home a tidy look, painted fences can get messy as they age.

Vinyl fences are the answer. Vinyl fences are attractive, durable, low-maintenance and very attractive. Vinyl fences cannot be painted or stained because they are infused with the color of vinyl. They manage to keep their color from season to season, year to year.

Basics of Building a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are made up of interlocking components. Make sure you have all necessary components for the complete kit before you buy. Vinyl fences are not flexible so you must ensure that everything is included.

Vinyl Picket Fences

PVC Fencing Port Elizabeth Vinyl picket fences begin with anchor pipes driven into the ground by a sledgehammer. Hollow posts slide over anchor pipes like sleeves. A section can be made from two anchor pipes: one rail at its bottom and one at its top. Multiple pickets run through each rail.

Vinyl privacy fences

Vinyl privacy fences that are taller than six feet must have their posts anchored in the ground with concrete. This is similar to conventional four-by-4 fence posts. These posts are not sunk into concrete by an anchor pipe. A fence panel is pre-built–a single piece, not separate pieces that must be assembled.

Codes and Regulations

A permit may be required before you build your fence. If so, when the work is complete, an inspector must visit the site and close out the permit. All work must adhere to local building codes. Check out legal issues such permits and zoning. The local permitting office can provide information about setback regulations and zoning that could affect fence construction.

When to Install Your Vinyl Fence

It’s difficult to drive the picket fence anchor pipes or dig the holes in the ground if it is frozen. You should wait for the ground to thaw before you begin construction.

Fence-Building Safety

To locate underground utilities such as water, gas and electricity, call your utility locator whenever you dig on your property. PVC Fencing East London These services will have a color-coded spray coat that eventually wears away.

What you’ll require

Equipment / Tool

  • Shovel or post-hole digger
  • Twine and wood stakes
  • Bubble level
  • Tape measure
  • Sledgehammer
  • Cordless drill
  • Circular saw


  • Vinyl picket or privacy fence set
  • Quick-set concrete
  • Filler gravel