How to Keep Sheets on Bed

Let’s say you have just purchased brand new Eco-Friendly bamboo sheets. They are aromatic, cozy, and soft, just the way you want it. You cannot just wait to have a feel of your new purchase. However, there is one issue; your sheets hardly stay on the bed. You have tried everything, and nothing seems to be working out, and you keep asking questions.

We are happy to inform you that we have a perfect answer to the problem of how to keep sheets on bed. Join us as we take you through the process.

6 Ways on How to Keep Sheets on Bed

Make use of stretchy bands

Another solution is stretchy bands. All you must do is get a set and then fasten all bands across the bed, ensuring that the lock mechanisms they feature faces the outside. Immediately they are well secured, place your fitted sheet.

Once done, pull up the locks and then fasten them properly. This locks the sheet onto the bed.

Clip the corners or Use Sheet Suspenders to Fasten it

Suspenders are great for clipping the corners or edges of your bamboo sheets. This lets them slip around your bed’s edges. This creates pressure at all times, which never reduces, no matter the number of times you turn and toss as you sleep. 

Some suspenders even feature a strap, which fastens down the center of the underside of your bed. This depends on your sheet and the type of suspender you have purchased. This is why we strongly recommend bamboo sheets.

Utilize Non-Slip Rug Corners

Find areas of the undersides of your non-slip rug, which are made to hold the surfaces they are on firmly. By placing them under your bamboo sheet on all corners of the bed, it becomes difficult for the bamboo sheet to leave your desired alignment.

Zip your sheets

Zipping your bamboo sheets is another good solution to how to keep sheets on bed, especially for small children and toddlers used to yanking their sheets up at night. This design is great because you only need to place it once. The major portion for fastening goes underneath the bed. This prevents your kids from messing with your hard work.

Make Use of Safety Pins

This could be the simplest solution of how to keep sheets on bed. Just pin your bamboo sheets. However, make sure your pinning is done using the bamboo sheet’s pressure. This prevents your pins from bending and weakening.

Use the Best Fit

Some people end up buying the wrong size of bamboo sheets for their beds. It could be out of ignorance or accidental. Both errors can easily be corrected. Make sure you verify the size of the sheet and make sure it works perfectly for your mattress.


All the methods above on how to keep sheets on bed are good. You can choose whichever suits your needs and be sure your bamboo sheets will stay in place, giving you a sound and comfortable sleep.