How to keep white quartz countertops in the best condition?

If you want to install white quartz countertops in your kitchen, go ahead. Its white beauty will never disappoint you. But, if you have already got your white quartz, then enjoy the best top surface. We all know that quartz is known for its features. It is both stylish and durable. So, you do not have to worry about its appearance.

Whether you have white quartz or a black one, both require easy cleaning. Similarly, it is low maintenance. Most people prefer this natural stone for its easy cleaning and care. In this way, you have got less to worry about. Also, it is not about the color. It’s more about the material of your countertop. And quartz is a strong stone.

Moreover, every countertop needs some care. In this case, quartz has many benefits. Still, you can do some steps to keep your white quartz countertops clean. Here are some tips to take care of your kitchen counter:

  1. Regular cleaning
  2. Clean the spills immediately
  3. Scrape the chunks off the surface
  4. Use soap solution for tough stains
  5. Use glass cleaner
  6. Protect from direct heat
  7. Do not use harsh cleaners
  8. Use cutting boards
  9. Protect from nail paints/ removers

1- Regular cleaning:

Every countertop needs proper care. Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining your white quartz. Also, use soft cloths to wipe off the surface. Make sure you do not use anything harsh on it. Similarly, dry the surface after using a damp sponge. Do not leave stains on it. Keep it as your routine.

2- Clean the spills immediately:

Quartz countertops can resist stains for some time. But never let the spills stay on their surface. On-time cleaning is best to maintain your white counter. The risk of damage is always there. Therefore, clean the spills immediately. If it does not go off right away, use warm water. 

3- Scape the chunks of the surface:

If any food chunks stick to the surface, scrape them off. But try to do it gently. Clean the junk with a putty knife. Also, it is not that tricky. Just keep the knife nearby your counter. Then, use it when you need it. But make sure that you do not scrub the surface. Remove the stains with gentle hands.  

4- Use soap solution for tough stains:

Some stains do not go off easily. For such tough stains, use any mild soap solution. Also, mix the soap or dishwasher in warm water and use a sponge to clean the stains. Then, wipe them with a soft cloth or a sponge. Wipe off the surface of your white quartz firmly. Therefore, you can keep your white counter as a new one.

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5- Use glass cleaner:

Well, a white countertop gives a clean look to your kitchen. However, you can use cleansers to maintain a natural look. In this case, use a glass cleaner for your quartz countertops. In this way, it will retain its clear white look. Either spray or pour the glass cleaner on the surface. Then, let it stay for some time. Finally, wipe off the cleaner from the surface. You can apply this once or twice a week.

6- Protect from direct heat:

A kitchen involves a lot of heat. And quartz can handle heat and pressure. But, try to protect it from direct heat levels. So, do not put hot pans and pots on the counter surface. it will damage its material. Therefore, use hot pads under the pans and pots. Make sure to protect quartz from the high temperature. 

7- Do not use harsh cleansers:

Be mindful when you use chemicals on your counter. The cleaners that are not for quartz may damage its surface. That is why never use harsh chemicals for cleaning. It will badly affect the natural white color of your counter. Also, use specific cleaners for quartz. Fair to say, quartz is non-porous, so it will not react to these agents.   

8- Use cutting boards:

Most people prefer smooth counters for cutting. However, using knives on the surface can leave marks on it. Therefore, use cutting boards. Do not cut the vegetables directly on the counter. Baking or making the dough is okay. But, using a cutting board is best to keep it clean. You can learn online about quartz countertops price.

9- Protect from nail paints/ removers:

Furthermore, try to keep nail polishes away from the white counter. First of all, they do not go off that easy. Secondly, they will be clear on their white surface. So, do not apply nail paint on the counter. Also, keep its remover away from the top. The removers contain harsh chemicals. They can decolor your counter. So, try to be careful with these matters. 


More and more people are in awe of the beauty of white quartz countertops. They are durable and require less care. But, proper care and cleaning can keep it as if it’s new. So, apply some simple tips to maintain the clean white look of your counter. Do the regular cleaning and use cleaners for tough stains. These tips come in handy to keep your kitchen in the best condition. 

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