How do you choose your glasses? Do you have specifications altered when it comes to glasses? Let us share an industry secret with you related to the selection of 

glasses, people choose glasses to be super safe. Yes, that is the bitter truth of the eyewear industry, while purchasing the glasses, people prefer to have a look at the glasses that makes them safe for every occasion. Not much experiment, no gameplay, just a safe and sound option that goes with everything. Why is that? Why are people afraid to experiment with glasses? Are there any other criteria for selecting glasses apart from being safe? We will discuss everything in detail. 

Criteria for glasses 

This time while selecting your glasses for the ultimate look, we want you to keep the points we will be discussing right here. 

  • Optometrist need- The very first criteria one must follow is that your glasses should meet your eyecare needs. It should be on how fashionable or safe the

glasses are, it must be on are these in sync with all my needs? Do these glasses require some additional things to meet my eye care needs? If a person has a high prescription requirement, that person might not be able to go with metal frames, they will definitely need thick acetate frames to support the frames or they can switch to thin lenses as well. Such as these, there are several other criteria that have to be kept in mind while purchasing glasses. 

  • Fashion need- Another important factor about the glasses is that we usually go for the glasses that are trending and that is in fashion. We have access to many media profiles of celebrities and influencers who are on the date on every fashion technique such as aviator sunglasses. This also helps us in being super updated on every trend, making glasses that are in for your target.
  • Face shape- Another super important factor that is being used in selecting the glasses. What has been a thing when it comes to the glasses we go on for fashion needs and even for the doctor’s needs but we ignore one special feature which is the facial need. While going for your set of glasses, make sure your glasses complement your features. One thing that is faced is that people are not much aware of the face shape they have, which makes the task of getting the glasses as per the facial features absolutely impossible?

Know your facial shape

If you are among the population that is unaware of the face shape then welcome to the gang. We will discuss a few face shapes and if you are among them then viola you no more have to worry about purchasing a particular set of glasses. Finding your face shape is one of the greatest mysteries, a magician’s code and we will be breaking it today with our face shape guide. When deciding on a face shape one usually goes for the forehead, cheekbones, and chin. 

Oval shape- This face shape is considered to be one of the most adored and perfect face shapes of all time. Did you know that even if you grow old the oval face shape goes through the minimal face change than any other shape? Yes, that is correct, now let’s get all technical, oval face shapes are comparatively longer than being wider. One will usually see a round chin and a jawline, your forehead will be the widest part of the face. Congratulations, your face shape matches with Beyonce, yes now you are all set to be a pop star of your life. With your face shape, any frames will

look absolutely stunning on you still we would recommend you to go all wayfarer for rectangular glasses. 

Heart shape- What a pretty shape to be in, heart-shaped faces are very common in Hollywood. The chiselled cuts and sharp features, highlighted jawline, everything matches up to be heart face shape. They are also known as inverted triangle shapes due to the wide forehead criteria and have a slender jawline. One feature that people usually miss is that people with a heart face shape have an ‘M’ shaped hairline, they have a face made on the forehead that is exactly like the heart. If you have a heart-shaped face then it is not just you there are several other celebrities such as Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Perfect shape glasses for your soft features are rectangular glasses that provide much-required balance. 

Round shape- Just like oval this shape has quite a resemblance, the shape is also very widely available around us. Those who have a round face have to get their glasses that are sharp in features as the round face is quite soft and there has to be a perfect balance between the glasses and the features. Something that brings out the features of the face. One with the round shape is quite symmetrical, they are about the same width and length and have around jawline and chin. With the absence of any angles, the face shape is quite circular. Your face shapes very much match with ever beautiful Drew Barrymore, we love her name though Drew. For round face shape, we would go for angular glasses like square glasses and wayfarers as well that highlight the features. 

Square shape- One of the complicated yet very advent face shapes, when a person ages, the square-shaped face goes under maximum changes, and our industry is filled with celebrities with the square face shape. The symmetry lies in the shape of the face, your forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are of the same width. Jawlines are comparatively and visibly sharper including your cheekbones. There is a lack of curves in the face. For your face shape, we would suggest something curvy that maintains the balance with the angular features, such as oval and round glasses. You got your face just like our all-time favourite Angelina Jolie. 

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