How to land the best remote android developer jobs in 2022

Each day, Android developers worldwide launch over 3K apps to the Google Play Store. This is compelling evidence that mastering Android development skills absolutely ensures your future employability. 

That takes us to the next question: how is it to work as an Android developer?  What are the essential skills required to land Android developer jobs?  And once you’ve acquired those skills, how do you find good Android development jobs?

Let’s have a look at the solutions in this blog! 

How to find remote android developer jobs?

In the first section, I will walk you through the key responsibilities of an Android developer.

Android developers’ responsibilities 

As an Android software developer, you will have several primary duties. However, these will vary depending on the company. Let’s take a stroll through each of them.

  • Developing the app’s functionality and user interface

Naturally, the primary responsibility of any Android developer is to design and develop the app’s functionality. This includes developing clean code and constructing a strategic architecture, as well as predicting and avoiding bugs. 

  • Collaborating with other members of the team

All software engineers must establish and maintain excellent communication with other team members such as UI/UX designers, back-end developers, etc. Since they need to work in teams,, effective communication is critical in developing superior products. 

  • Taking on databases and application programming interfaces

When you are hired for Android developer jobs, you will be required to interact with external sources such as APIs and databases. This requires you to be proficient with third-party code created by other software engineers. 

  • Performing unit testing

Unit testing—alternatively referred to as module testing—is frequently a required component of the software development cycle. It is, in fact, a component of the Agile software development technique, which many businesses employ. Throughout the development process, you should unit test your application. 

  • Resolving bugs 

Unfortunately, bugs are an unavoidable part of developing Android applications. As an engineer, it is your responsibility to identify at least a percentage of those flaws in your code and repair those discovered by other team members, like your  quality assurance engineers. 

  • Keeping updated with new technologies

Every job in the world demands constant upgradation of skills and expertise. Android developer jobs are no different.  Without paying adequate attention to learning, it is nearly impossible to be a skilled developer in today’s fast-paced  high-tech world. 

These are the fundamental responsibilities of Android developers, but they are far from exhaustive. Bear in mind that tasks typically vary by firm and are dependent upon your prior job experience. 

Let me now show you the technical skills required to become an Android developer now.

Technical skills required of Android developers 


It’s time to delve into the technical skills required of Android developers, particularly those that are a must-have if you want to get Android developer jobs at reputable firms. 

1. Knowledge in Java, Kotlin, or both 

The first important skill for an Android developer is a mastery of one of the two official Android development languages. You must be familiar with either the Kotlin or Java programming languages. 

Additionally, you should be familiar with the following concepts: 

  • Fundamentals of object-oriented programming (e.g., inheritance, class, and static methods) 
  • Variables
  • Lists
  • Loops 

If you’re studying Java, you should also feel comfortable utilizing the JDK documentation to understand how to use various components of the language quickly. 

2. Knowledge in Android SDK 

You should be familiar with the Android SDK (Android SDK) to excel at  in Android developer jobs. The key considerations include the following:

  • Basics of Views, View Groups, and Layouts 
  • Input from the user 
  • Methods for obtaining data
  • Web storage of data 
  • Adapting applications to various screen sizes 

Additionally, you should be familiar with Android documentation and different third-party resources that will aid you in quickly mastering any remaining SDK components. 

3. Sufficient SQL experience 

Almost every Android application must store data in some way, whether it is app-specific or user-specific. Similarly, your app should be integrated with a database for data management. 

This is why many organizations are seeking an Android developer who is also familiar with SQL. Thus, it is essential to become knowledgeable in this database management system to boost your hiring chances. 

Although this Android developer skill may not be strictly necessary depending on the organization and your needs, it is beneficial to have. You will almost certainly need to employ a version control tool at some point. 

You do not have to be a Git “ninja.” It is sufficient to be familiar with the fundamentals, such as creating and utilizing repositories and committing changes. 

5. XML fundamentals 

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that is mostly utilized in building web applications. Nonetheless, it is critical for developing Android applications, as XML is used to access web data. Since many Android applications require data to be transferred to and from online services, mastering XML is a must-have ability if you want to land the best Android developer jobs.

6. Familiarity with material design guidelines 

Each Android application must adhere to the material design language rules, which govern all app-related aspects (colors, shades, transitions, element placement, etc.) Otherwise, the app’s submission to Google Play Store may be denied. This is a requisite  skill for a large number of remote Android developer jobs in usa.  

7. Familiarity with Android Studio 

Knowledge of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Android Studio or similar software, is also necessary. Working knowledge of Android Studio will enable you to work more efficiently. You can take advantage of the integrated debugger and testing tools to help you write bug-free code. 

8. Ability to program in the back-end 

Certain remote Android developer jobs in usa will specify that the ideal candidate should be capable of working with the software’s back-end component. It can be challenging to learn another language, particularly if you are new to your work . Additionally, there are dozens of back-end programming languages, each unique (Python, Node.js, .Net, etc.) 

So far we have discussed the key responsibilities and skills required to be an android developer. Once you are ready, the next step is to find the right company. We will discuss that in the next section.

Where to find Android developer jobs online? 

There are plenty of online job portals that offer high-paying developer jobs. You need to choose the right one that actually delivers what they offer. Turing.com is one of the most popular platforms. Turing hiring is used by leading Silicon Valley firms to recruit the finest developers. Their intelligent AI platform is capable of vetting developers and matching the best 1% with customers. 

Let’s break down the whole process from application to hire. For developers, the entire Turing Hire journey may be summarised in four simple phases. 

1.Create an account: Complete all required fields, including your name, address, skills, salary, and experience. 

2. Take Turing tests and interviews: Attend and answer questions in the technical interviews. 

3.Receive job offers: Utilize turing jobs to connect with the best organizations in the United States and Silicon Valley. 

4. Begin your dream job: After joining Turing, you will never be required to apply for another job. 

The Turing company picks the top 1% of remote software developers worldwide based on their tech stacks, skills, and seniority via the rigorous vetting process. A minimum of three hours should be spent on Turing’s programming tests, skill challenges, and video interviews. Isn’t the end result compelling enough to give it a shot?


Android developers are in great demand thanks to the rapid growth in the IT industry. The key responsibilities of an android developer are developing the app’s functionality and user interface, collaborating with other members of the team, taking on databases and application programming interfaces, performing unit testing, resolving bugs, and keeping updated with new technologies. 

Android developer jobs require technical know-how in Java, Kotlin, Android SDK and Android Studio. You must possess working knowledge about SQL, XML fundamentals while being familiar with material design guidelines and back-end programming. To land the high-paying remote jobs, you can rely on Turing.com. It is an AI platform that hires developers through a vigorous vetting process and matches with the best Silicon Valley companies. 

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