How to make a poster for advertisement

Posters can be used for promoting a business, product, or any event. Posters are usually printed and contain text and visual designs. For around 200 years, posters have been used by humans as a promotion method.

As you go to public spaces, you can see posters of different businesses and brands. Even being a print promotion technique, posters are still common in this digital era. However, you must create an eye-catching poster that can increase customer conversions. Read on to know the benefits of posters and how to create one.

What are the Pros of Posters?

The benefits of advertisement via posters are as follows:

Flexibility in shape and size

There is no compulsion when it comes to the shape and sizes of the posters. You can try any shape and size based on the substrate that you will use to display the posters. Most brands use letter-sized posters as they can be displayed on bulletin boards, walls, and other spaces. You can also go for a large poster with a beautiful color scheme that can capture the attention of viewers.

Placement flexibility

There are immense possibilities of places where you can display your posters. From buildings to furniture, you can display your posters anywhere you like. When you step out on the road, you can see posters displayed on light poles and walls of buildings. A business should start by displaying posters in their building and then move on to other spaces.

In rural areas, you can place posters free of cost at most of the spaces. In cities, you may have to ask for the respective building owner to place posters. It is better to make a poster and then ask for the permission of the owner of the space where you will display your posters.  

Longer shelf life

Posters offer a longer exposure than some other types of print media. For example, your customers will not see your ad in a newspaper daily. Usually, people recycle old newspapers and do not read the same newspaper again and again.

If you have placed your poster at the right location, it can be there for months or even years. Also, posters have 24*7 accessibility and will be visible at all times of the day. You should choose a perfect spot for your poster where it can retain itself for a longer time. Don’t put posters in an area where people tend to tear the posters.


Advertising posters are a cheap way of promotion that even costs less than a newspaper ad. You can hire a small distribution team at cheap rates to put out your posters in the city. Several printing techniques are cost-friendly that you can use to print posters easily. Poster advertisement is good for small businesses that are looking to expand their reach.

How to Create an Engaging Poster?

There is a need to add something catchy to your poster that will catch the attention of people. If your poster is not compelling, people will pass by your posters without even noticing it. Some tips to make a creative poster are as follows:

Use a poster maker

You need to use an editing tool that lets you manipulate photos at your will. Many editing platforms in the market offer premade templates for making posters. The time required to make a poster can be reduced significantly by using an editing tool.

Small businesses can use free versions of editing platforms to create attractive posters. InVideo is a popular editing platform that lets you create eye-catching posters. It offers several stock images and font layouts that you can use in your advertisement posters.

Think of information to be used in posters

You need to think of the contents of a poster beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion. You should choose information on the poster according to the type of poster. For example, if you are promoting an event, then put the date/time of the event on the poster.

You should write down all the information that will be displayed on your posters. Make sure to not add any irrelevant information to your poster as it will eat up the space. Besides being informative, your advertisement poster should also be appealing.

Identify your target audience

Before designing a poster, you need to know about the target audience. For example, if your target audience is Gen Z, you will use modern poster designs to catch their attention. If you target researchers, use phrases like ‘thesis’ and ‘research paper’ in the poster to catch their attention.

The main objective of putting out posters is to catch the attention of end-users. For grabbing the attention of end-users, you need to include relatable content on your poster. You should know the demographics of your audience and design the poster accordingly to enhance the reach.

Decide an appropriate place to display posters

You should choose a place for your posters that is viewed by people more often than others. Public spaces like transit points, ticketing points, and others are best for displaying posters. You can target railway stations and bus stations where a huge crowd is accumulated every day.

One should analyze the best spots preferred by their target audience. Once you find the most-visited spots of your target audience, place your posters there. You should also look at the lighting of the area chosen for displaying your posters. Bad lighting may hide your posters during the evening and the night.

Choose a good color scheme for your posters

You may find posters of many businesses in public spaces, and you have to stand out among all. Try to use a contrasting color scheme that can highlight your poster, among others. Your posters should not blend in with the surroundings as you need them to stand out.


In this digital era, posters are still being used by many businesses and brands. With a reputed editing tool, you can create eye-catching posters in minutes. Start making advertisement posters for your brand!  

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