10 Tips on How to Make DIY Hoodies

While creating your own hoodie may seem to be a hard task, it is really rather simple. To create a hoodie, you’ll need some unique materials and equipment, including fabric, a needle and thread, and an old sweatshirt to serve as an example.

Additionally, you will require some basic sewing abilities. You may design your hoodie out of whatever fabric you desire and you can customize it to fit your style and demands.

This article will provide you with step-by-step tips on how to make a hoodie.

1. Choose a hoodie pattern that is simple and easy to follow

The first step to making a hoodie is to know which pattern you want. There are lots of patterns to choose from such as regular, raglan, and hooded. The pattern you choose will depend on your preference as well as what type of material you wish to use.

2. Use cotton or polyester for the exterior

Most hoodies are made using either cotton or polyester for their exterior and fleece for the interior lining. Cotton is a good choice for hoodies because they are warm, breathable, and comfortable.

Polyester is also used for making hoodies because it’s the most versatile of all fabrics and it can be washed with no lasting shrinkage or color fading.

3. Choose your favorite colors and prints

If you want a personalized design on your DIY hoodie, choose some colorful and printed fabrics that will allow you to express yourself. 

If you want a high-end look, go for silk and satin prints instead of cotton or polyester as they provide a more luxurious appearance.

4. Take precautions with your zippers

Take precautions

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You can find zippers in either plastic or metal. Metal is more comfortable and durable, but they are not easily replaceable compared to plastic ones. However, the friction of cheap metal on fabric has been known to rust.

You need to consider your options before going for just one. Make sure that the zippers that you will place are high-quality as well.

5. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch the fabric together

There are two ways for you to sew the pieces of fabric together using a sewing machine. One way is to use a zigzag stitch or an overlock stitch, which makes it ideal for hemming.

You can use this same technique for creating pocket flaps, decorative stitches, and waistbands. However, if your sewing machine doesn’t have an overlock stitch, you can also use a straight stitch.

6. Make sure that your hood fits perfectly

hood fits perfectly

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Before stitching the pieces of fabric together, try on the hood to make sure it is comfortable and suits your needs. The hood should fit properly after hemming so that it won’t be too tight or loose when wearing the hoodie.

7. Stitch on a simple pocket design

You can stitch on your own custom designs for your pockets or leave it plain if you want to. Before you sew, you need to mark where you want the placement of the pockets so that they will be even.

An easy pocket pattern is just an arc cut from your hoodie fabric.

8. Hem the sleeves and bottom of the sweatshirt

Before attaching all sides together, you should make sure to hem the sleeves and bottom of the sweatshirt with a straight stitch (or overlock stitching). You now have two options whether you want frayed or finished edges.

For frayed edges, cut off the side seam allowance using pinking shears before turning it inside out. 

For finished edges, iron-on fusible interfacing then presses it down with an iron for 30 seconds (following the directions that come with it) before cutting off where you need to turn your fabric right-side out again for hemming.

9. Sew on straps if needed

If there are hoodies that come with straps, you can simply attach them to the seams using a straight stitch. However, if there aren’t any straps already attached, you should make some by attaching two hanging charms along the bottom front seams.

You will need two pieces of fabric measuring 2 inches wide by 20 inches long for each one. After sewing the ends together on the machine, attach it to your sweatshirt using a straight stitch or zigzag stitch. You now have your own personalized DIY sweatshirt!

10. Clean any loose threads after finishing your work

loose threads

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Once you are done with creating your hoodie, you need to check all of the stitches carefully so that they are secure and won’t fall apart after wearing it more than once. Get a pair of tweezers and cut off any loose threads.

You can also use a lighter to burn the frayed edges so that they will not unravel over time. Some people recommend using clear nail polish or beeswax to fix your hoodie, but only when the fabric won’t melt after being exposed to heat.

There you have them, our ten tips on how to make a hoodie! We hope this article will be of help to you.

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