Every relationship demands constant efforts to keep each other happy and content. But things seem to turn topsy-turvy as distance comes in between a couple. Long-distance gets very frustrating with not being able to get some quality time to spend with your partner. It requires a lot of patience, loyalty, trust, honesty and a higher level of commitment probably even more than any other kind of relationship. So things really get tiring if both of the partners who chose to be in this kind of relationship don’t end up showing some effort. If you and your partner have been in a long-distance relationship for quite a while, but your partner seems to be losing somewhat of interest and becoming all gloomy, then here’s what you need to do. Take some cues from below and try to make things work. 

  1. Send A Surprise Cake – Who doesn’t surprise, right? So choose to surprise your beloved partner by choosing to send a surprise cake to his residence with same day cake delivery in Mumbai or wherever that your partner is residing. Choose to send a cake of his/her favourite flavour or kind, with or without any special just to express your undying love or affection for him/her. Your partner is sure to be very happy seeing that you tried to lessen this distance that comes between you both and ends up creating some misunderstandings. 
  2. Communicate About Your Feelings – Give your partner the time and the comfort zone to open about this relationship. Ask him/her what he/she feels that this relationship lacks, where do you both need to work out. Talking about feelings and about the relationship is sure to assure him/her that the happiness with which you both started this relationship would never get divided due to this distance coming in between. It will act as a positive means of reassurance. 
  3. Send Self Composed Poems – One of the best-known expressions of love is to compose some heartwarming poems for your partner. Literature has been proof that poetry helps one speak of the love one holds for another in a manner that the love somehow tends to get eternalised through these love poetry. So if you are good with your words, then you can choose to express your love with some words. It will be a token of love which shall be very much appreciated by your lover.
  4. Pay A Surprise Visit – When you choose to surprise your partner with some gesture that he/she would be least expecting from you is sure to make their day. That is the reason we would suggest you pay him/her a surprise visit. Make all your bookings prior and make sure that you know your partner will be present at the time when you are planning to surprise him/her with your visit. Don’t drop any major hints of your surprise, let him/her keep guessing. Texting and video calls are no doubt good, but personally meeting the person whom you love is something on the next level beautiful. This way you can lessen the longing for each other and it will surely boost his/her morale.
  5. Give Space – For some couples the concept of space somehow disappears with time which is so wrong. No matter how much time you both wish to devote to this relationship make sure you guys have a life beyond for yourself other than this relationship. Pursue your dreams or hobbies, go out or interact with your peer groups and spend some quality time with your other important people. Don’t bombard each other with texts and calls, have patience and give each other some space. This space is what going to create that soft corner and make your hearts grow fonder.  
  6. Support Each Other – It should always be you both against the world and not simply, you both against each other. Support each other in the dreams, you have. Give each other the confidence to achieve everything and anything in this world. Help each other to grow and achieve individual goals. Working hard together and to strive every day to be the potentially best ambitious version of oneself is what is surely going to keep you both going strong in the long run too. 

So, these were some tips to make your long-distance partner happy. Hope it helps!

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