3 Patti online

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How to play 3 Patti online real money – Beginners | Fun88

A 3 Patti is played with 3-6 persons & 52-card deck without jokers. This article will educate you to play 3 Patti online real money at Fun88 & earn 300 percent up to ₹1,000!

What is 3 Patti online?

3 Patti online provides all card game enthusiasts the possibility to locate a top-notch live casino where you may engage yourself in immersive gaming. You can count on a reliable and convenient gaming experience, no matter where you are or what time of day it is, when you use the website’s Fun88 3 Patti online option.

Three-card patti, also known as flush patti or flash patti, is a poker game in which winning depends on having the best possible card combination. In many ways, the 3 Patti rules resemble those of the British card game “3 Card Brag,” which was also invented in India.

Three cards are handed to each player, one face up and two facing down. Playing 3 Patti at Fun88 means that as the game progresses, the pot grows in value, and the winner gets to keep the winnings according to the game’s regulations.

The winner is the player who continues in the game until the hand is completed and includes the most acceptable top poker hands as per the online 3 Patti rating.

How to play 3 Patti real money at Fun88 – 3 Steps instructions

Three-Patti is sometimes likened to the card game of Poker in India. Before the final clash, the three best cards will be revealed. Learn how to play 3 Patti online real money at Fun88, and assess the finest sequence of hand rankings immediately!

Step 1: Access Fun88 and locate Live Casino

Members should login if they’re already members at Fun88; otherwise, they need to perform Fun88 signup if they do not have one.

Once you have register/login to your account, you need to make a Fun88 deposit to obtain a 1st-time deposit bonus and choose Live Casino.

Click on “Super Spade” supplier (Fun88 encourages playing on this service since it is the only one that gives 3 Patti online.)

Click on the “Bet Now” button as the final step.

Step 2: Play 3 Patti at SuperSpade

Once you click the Bet now button of the suggested super Spade games provider, a new window or a tab will appear. You need to determine the following step here to discover the online Fun88 3 Patti online table.

There are 15 distinct tables to choose from, and you may play at any of them if you find 3 Patti and the live dealer is present. Only when all three Patti are online can you use Super Spade.

Select any available table that reads “Teenpatti” and begin your games. Because there was only one gaming table available, “Teenpatti 20-20” is shown in the illustration.

Step 3: Place your minimum wager worth ₹250

It’s possible to play 3 Patti online with as few as three other people and as many as six cards, but no jokers. In a manner similar to poker, the dealer distributes three cards face down to each of the players seated at the table in an anti-clockwise motion.

Dealer is randomly being selected at the beginning of the first game.

Typically, the winner of a hand becomes the dealer of the next hand. After the cards are dealt, betting begins with the player on the left side nearest to the dealer, and each player must bet according to the value of their card.

Betting rounds in the game are unrestricted. The players who continue to the finish (not more than two) shall display their cards, and the one with the most significant high-ranking hand wins the pot. If everyone folds except one player, then the betting ceases, and the remaining player wins the pot.

Finally, if you’ve won the game and want to cash out your winnings, you’ll need to do it via Fun88.


Recognized as flush or flash, Fun88 3 Patti is a 3-card game. The outcome of a regular poker game is entirely determined by luck! To play with a real dealer and other real players, you don’t have to wait for the celebrations. 3 Patti has just beaten the market at Fun88 and numerous Indian online casinos, with an RTP of 93.59 percent. Even if you’ve never played this very popular game, Fun88indi suggests that you read the tutorial above as soon as as to understand how to play 3 Patti online real money games.