How to prepare for CBSE class 11 physical education

Physical Education is a scoring subject, and if properly prepared, a student can easily score 80-90 points in Physical Education. Physical Education has a theoretical component worth 70 points and a practical component worth 30 points. It is very simple to achieve a score of 55-65 in the Physical Education theory section.

While Physical Education is a simple paper, it is critical that a student devotes at least 2-3 days to it and does not neglect it entirely. After the detailed preparation phase is completed, students can refer to the last-minute preparation tips provided below to polish their preparation for Physical Education.

Physical education is a school curriculum that concentrates on health and fitness, well-being, and the efficient performance of daily physical exercise. Through the use of the following notes, CBSE class 11th students can achieve high marks in this subject. While students should work on improving their learning strategies, having a study note could be useful, especially during the exam.

CBSE Class 11th Physical Education Syllabus

The detailed CBSE class 11th Physical Education syllabus, as well as section-wise marks distribution, can be found here CBSE 11th Class Physical Education Syllabus. Students can examine the CBSE class 11th Physical Education syllabus units as well as the marks distribution. Physical Education class 11th notes can assist you in becoming acquainted with the types of questions to expect on the exam. Since the board has decided to hold exams twice a year, the official website of the board contains all of the details of the chapters included in the Term-I and Term-II curriculum/syllabus.

Topics included in class 11 Physical Education

Unit 1 includes Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education

Unit 2 includes Olympic Value Education

Unit 3 includes Olympic Value Education

Unit 4 includes Physical Education & Sports for Children with special needs

Unit 5 includes Yoga

Unit 6 includes Physical Activity & Leadership Training

Unit 7 includes Test, Measurement & Evaluation

Unit 8 includes Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology in Sports

Unit 9 includes Psychology & Sports

Unit 10 includes Training and Doping in Sports

Why Should You take Physical Education in Class 11?

Physical Education is a topic that is essential for living a healthy life because it helps every student improve their lifestyle. It teaches students about all physical activities and informs them about the daily nutritional and lifestyle requirements for leading a healthy lifestyle. Students, on the other hand, should concentrate on Physical Education because it is a high-scoring subject that will make every student’s report card look good. Other advantages of studying Physical Education in 11th grade include:

  • Physical Education promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among students.
  • Encourage students to excel in sports by providing them with opportunities to do so.
  • Physical education assists students in broadening their sporting experience and enjoyment
  • P.E. is a practical subject that helps students maintain better posture, which eventually leads to personality development.
  • Regular fitness workouts can aid in the prevention of a variety of ailments, particularly those affecting the heart. By working out in the form of giving practicals, students tend to follow an activeand healthy lifestyle.
  • Physical Education enables students to develop a love of active recreation.
  • It also aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety, which are major contributors to depression in childhood.
  • Physical education helps students reach their full potential in a variety of sporting environments.
  • Another major issue for students in their adolescent years is inferiority complex, and Physical Education can help with their confidence and development.

Is Physical Education an easy subject?

While Physical Education is a simple paper, it is critical that a student devote at least 2-3 days to it and does not neglect it entirely. After the detailed preparation phase is complete, students can use the last-minute preparation tips provided below to polish their Physical Education preparation.

Last Minute Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 11 Physical Education 


  1. Go through the chapter notes: The first thing you should do is read the key points at the end of each chapter in your syllabus. This is advised because the summary/important points section at the end of a chapter contains the gist of the chapter.
  2. Solve smaple papers:  Go through the CBSE sample paper and solve it today. Compare your answers to the board’s and mark the areas where you can improve.
  3. Revise whatever you have studies: Review the key terms/definitions once more. Repeat the exercise a few hours before the exam morning.
  4. Learn things in your own words: Read the various training methods provided in the textbook and summarise them in your own words.
  5. Be mindful of the questions: Keep in mind that while in the exam room, all questions are mandatory, but you will be given internal options. So read the questions carefully, stay within the word limit, and try to articulate your responses in points.



  • What exactly is a Physical Education subject in 11th grade?

Physical education is a subject that focuses on the development of physical fitness and the ability to easily perform and enjoy everyday bodily activities.


  • Is physical education simple?

It is very simple to achieve a score of 55-65 in the Physical Education theory section.


  • What is the number of chapters in physical education?

Physical Education is divided into ten chapters and four practicals.


  • How many points are awarded for Physical Education practicals?

The Physical Education practical is worth 30 points.


  • How many Physical Education units are there?

Physical Education has a total of XII units.


  • What is the CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus in detail?

You can find detailed information about CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus in the preceding article.

Physical education is a high-scoring subject for students. To get good grades, you must be well-versed in the Syllabus for Physical Education Class 11. To help you with your Physical Education Board Exam preparation, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the New CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus 2022. You can easily check the Physical Education Syllabus for Class 11 and download the PDF from this article.

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