How To Save More When Shopping At Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest American companies for grocery stores and discount megastores. You will find a Walmart store in almost every city of the United States, where you can buy everything ranging from fruits, liquor, health items, medicines, clothes, toys, etc.
Once a person goes to Walmart for shopping, he surely comes back for a second trip because of the low prices and attractive discount deals here on all kinds of products. This is a dream store for people who live under a budget as it guarantees the lowest prices across the country.
Even though you get unmatched prices at Walmart, there are few other ways through which you can save more money while shopping at a Walmart store. You need to build saving strategies and reap the rewards from their low prices. Here are some ways to increase your savings.

Cashback App

There are multiple cashback applications like Ibotta that will allow you to save money at Walmart and other retail stores. You need to upload a picture of your receipt that shows your purchased items on the app to get cashback.
The application is free to download, and you will get a $20 bonus if you redeem 10 receipts within two weeks. Apart from receipts, you will get certain amounts back on certain items. After you scan the receipt, the cashback will reach your account within 48 hours.

Buy Online and Pick up from the Store

Walmart guarantees the lowest prices for all products at their stores, and they even match the price if you bring in an advertisement of a product selling for less than Walmart’s price. If you stay alert, you will notice that there are various price differences between the Walmart store and the website.
If you do not have time for an in-store shopping session, you can place your order online and then pick them up from your nearest Walmart store. Processing is fast, and you can collect your order within 24 hours, often on the same day.

Use Walmart Price Match

Price Match promotion from Walmart Flyers or online will match any price which is lower than their price for a particular product. You have to bring a valid advertisement or online website, and Walmart will match the lower price. The best thing to do is to make a shopping list and then look for deals at local stores and newspapers.
If you find better prices than Walmart, just show the ads to the cashier to pay the lower amount for your desired product. For online websites, you have to visit Walmart.com and mention the advertisements there.

Look out for Clearance Items

There are no particular days or times to get lower prices at Walmart because they mark down items and lower prices all week long; however, if you look closely while shopping, you will find certain areas that showcase clearance items available for low prices and huge discounts. Most stores have fresh items available on MRP in front of the store, while the clearance and sale items are located in the back. Try to search for the clearance stock as you can find really good stuff for low prices. You can get a good shopping deal any day if you shop with your eyes open.

Use discount coupons

One of the best and most reliable to save money and get amazing deals is by using discount coupons. Even though Walmart has low prices, you can maximize your savings through coupons. You will find discount coupons in the local newspaper, local stores, coupon websites, official Walmart websites, and many other places.
When you purchased a coupon, make sure you read all terms and conditions and know where to use it. Some coupons do not just give you a discount but various other exciting rewards and gifts.
Purchase yesterday’s baked items
If you need something from Walmart’s bakery department, then you can buy yesterday’s products to get a few dollars off. Freshly baked items are sold for the maximum price, but the prices are marked down with time and are sold for really low on the next day in order to sell.
Not much is wrong with one-day-old pastries or bread, and refrigeration keeps them healthy. We do not encourage anyone to buy stale stuff, but one day doesn’t make a lot of difference, and you can save money through this.


Walmart is famous for the best prices for almost all types of products and food items, but it does not mean you cannot save more than that. You save a lot already by shopping at Walmart, but if you play the right cards and follow some strategies, you can save more money here.
We talked about some common tips and strategies that will help you maximize savings while shopping at Walmart. You do not need to compromise with the quality or quantity of your shopping. You just need to be smart, and you will start saving money while shopping.

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