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In a world where digital devices are always receiving updates on a daily basis, making the right choice concerning your devices can be quite confusing. You get a lot of brands and devices available to you (laptop, desktop or smartphone)  getting the right device is now tasking more than ever. 

If you are in such a situation I suggest you follow this simple tips: 

Making a choice on the right device to buy isn’t as easy as it may look. Sometimes we buy a phone and after a while, we end up regret our decision to purchase that brand of device. Due to the fact that such a device doesn’t meet our expectation.

One of the things we fail to recognize is that the manufacturers of these phones can not equip it to be 100% functional in all the needs of the phone which are internet facilities, processing speed, internal storage, camera, uptime and display. If they make a phone 100% best in these features, it will be bad for their business. And people will not see any reason to buy an updated version  of the next model from the same manufacturer because they will feel that their phone is meeting all their needs. 

In choosing a phone or laptop,you have to decide what is your major use for the device, there are specific devices for specific purposes, and you don’t really need to buy above your budget before you can get the right device.

There are devices for best camera experience, battery uptime, internal storage, gaming,fast upload and download or streaming speed for internet, design and security, and privacy. 

Some of this devices encompasses more than one or two functionality and the fact that they are designed for a particular purposes doesn’t mean they can’t do other things. 

Let’s take the apple iPhone for instance, it is designed for better security because they use a closed source operating system, privacy and strong parts to make it stand the test of time. But as an addition, iPhone do come with a very nice camera and a large internal storage. 

And on the other hand a Samsung Galaxy phone is designed to meet up with high processing needs for users,and this makes it a very good alternative for gaming, though there are still many phones designed for gaming-related uses. And again the camera on a Samsung phone is very nice and even after a long time the camera still looks very clear, latest Samsung Galaxy phone and iPhone are compete with the Google pixel 3,which is currently the smartphone with the best camera. 

There are also smart phones to meet up your need if you are the type that uses it for a long time before recharging. 

An example of such phone are the xiaomi redmi series and the Gionee. But on the other and this phones have been reported to sell their users data like your current location to companies that need these data to advertise to you. In the other hand these phones are sold for a relatively cheap price with a very high end materials. 

The same thing applies to laptops, most new model laptops now come with a solid state drive (SSD) which is a lot more faster than a traditional hard disc drive (HDD) about 10 times or more, but do you really need a laptop with a speed ten times faster than a traditional hard disc drive. That depends on if you are a gamer or you run a server setup or you are running AutoCAD’s or a similar high end graphics demanding task. if you are not using your laptop for any of those, you don’t really need a laptop with SSD unless you just want to slam money into buying a high end laptop. Because the differences is not noticeable for people who use laptop for normal office work. 

Other factors that you are to look for in a laptop are the size of the RAM, this determines the amount of task you can run in the background without slowing down your laptop, a 4gb RAM is suppose to do just fine for office work, but 6gb or 8gb is better. If you are a gamer or you run a server, then you should target a system with 8gb RAM or higher. The processor type is also a major factor, as the RAM alone cannot make the system run faster with a slow process, when buying a laptop, the least processor you should target is the I5.

Modern laptop come with a paper screen similar to the screens in our smartphone, this screen are less energy demanding compared to the traditional liquid crystal display in older laptops. So the screen type is also a thing you should look out for when making a choice of laptop. 

By Roman Jaxon

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