Smoking has many cons, such as increased risks of cancers and respiratory issues. It also adversely affects the oral cavity, leaving teeth stained and decayed on the roots. The gums will redden and may start bleeding. Moreover, smokers have stinky breath.

You need to address these issues on your path to quitting smoking. The good news is that we are bringing you some tidbits to help you overcome poor oral health due to smoking. Stick on as we show you how to deal with the situation at hand.

Get A Smoker’s Toothbrush

The first thing to do for your oral health is to get a smoker’s toothbrush. It is different from the typical toothbrush; it has hard bristles. This design is essential in dealing with the nicotine and carbon that coat your teeth, giving them a yellowish-brown hue.

Oclean’s Smart Toothbrush is an excellent solution to brown teeth from smoking. It is an electric toothbrush, meaning brushing will be a walk in the park. Moreover, despite being hard, the bristles will be gentle on your gum and won’t tear them up.

Still, on Oclean’scatalog, you may consider the Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It is an excellent performer, with perks like extended runtime and five brushing modes.

Get The Right Toothpaste

With the right toothbrush on your hands, you now look for a befitting toothpaste. It should solve the reddening gums, discolored teeth, and halitosis. There are smoker’s toothpaste and toothpowder that you may consider for your condition.

For halitosis, you can go for brands that beat and mask the oral odors. What should you look for in toothpaste? Check the price, ensuring it meets your budget. Considering your oral state might be very poor, do not go for cheaper products, as some may be of low quality and won’t help much.

How many calories are in toothpaste? This is a query to focus on if you are watching your calorie intake. The good thing is that most kinds of toothpaste have low calories, and you do not eat it as you spit after cleaning your teeth.

Drink Water

It would help if you took a lot of water, as smoking dehydrates your mouth. The dryness makes it susceptible to trauma, and you may have bad breath. Take two liters of water daily, at regular intervals. You may also add mouthwash to kill bacteria and other pathogens present in your mouth.

Consult A Specialist

Other times, the oral situation is deplorable due to smoking. Here, you will need to consult a dentist immediately. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and come up with a solution to sort out the issue. Regular dental checkups will also help, seeing that smoking contributes to mouth cancer.


Smoking has several adverse effects on oral health, and you should do your best to avoid them before they go overboard. This article shows you some of the solutions to rely on to beat problems like discolored teeth, halitosis, dry mouth, and sensitive gums. Follow the tips and reduce the oral damage due to smoking.

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