How You Can Use Mini Gift Boxes On Your Marriage Ceremony

The time of marriage is the most valuable, memorable, and comes once in a lifetime. It is true that people got divorced and remarried. But the joy of first marriage lasts a lifetime. You will not get the same excitement twice in your lifetime. That’s why you must plan your wedding with minute details. So, your marriage ceremony becomes substantial.

Our idea is to help you with wedding favors. So you can use mini gift boxes abundantly at the reception of your wedding.

This article will tell you exciting, sublime, discrete, and unique wedding favors you can ask from your friends and family. And that’s where elegant gift packaging will help you. Moreover, you can also choose white gift boxes if you want to resonate with your dress color with all the gifts on the table.

Wedding favor ideas

We will show you enough wedding favor ideas. So, you can do it yourself or ask friends and family. And we hope all are kind enough to fulfill your asked favor with full magnitude. You can also ask them to extra-large gift boxes for big sized favors.

Below here, we will give detail of every favor idea consecutively. So, keep reading to find out more. You will certainly know the use of mini gift boxes.

Hint of mint

You can present your guest with a mint. It will impress your guest with fragrance. You can present mint in a bowl, and after the wedding ceremony, you can keep the leftover mint in mini gift boxes for your friends to take it to their home.

Personalized cocktail glasses

Your marriage ceremony will become more elegant with the introduction of personalized glasses. You can put stickers on them make sure the color of the glasses matches the color theme of your wedding. Otherwise, your purpose will be lost. You can store the glasses in brown gift boxes after the ceremony.

Raise the bar

Another great idea to present your guests with mini gift boxes full of candies, chocolate, lollipops, sweets, and gums. This favor will remind your guests about your wedding event experience when they eat the sweets in the home.

Polaride pictures for guests

You only need a polaride camera and a young boy from your family to take the pictures of the guests with you. You can take multiple pictures and hand your guests their pictures. And select the best shot for your wedding album.

Decorated cookies

You can have customized cookies on every table. So, your guest can have a sweet bite every now and then. You can store cookies in cookie gift boxes.

The idea of cookies at the wedding is quite popular in Spanish cultures. You can witness cookies in many Mexican weddings.

Desert vibes

If you plan to do an outdoor wedding, then you must convert your marriage theme into a desert one. You need to present cactus in small pots packaged in gift boxes with lids. So, your guest can take a good look at the cactus.

Picture perfect

Another good idea is to take perfect pictures of your guests in style and frame each of them. After that, you can present the photos to your guest through mail or another gathering. This act will connect you with your friends on a deeper level.

Hangover kit

At your wedding, all the guests will drink enough to get a hangover the next morning. That’s why you can proactively do a favor to your guest by giving them a hangover kit packaged in mini gift boxes. This favor will cure your guest the next morning. And they will admire your thinking and care about themselves.

Peachy fun

If your wedding is coming in the fruit season, then you can reserve one table for peaches. This fruit always goes well with the booze. Your guest will admire your thinking and enjoy the bites of peach along with liquor.

Go geo

You can present your guests with treats in elegant gift packaging. Or you can gift wine to a special guest in wine gift packaging boxes. This favor will not cost much, but it will convey your love and affections to your wedding guests. After all, your marriage ceremony must be memorable. And that gift items are the sure way to do that.

Keep jamming

One of the best homemade favor is to present your guests with homemade jams, which they can use for their next breakfasts. The homemade jam is an item that takes time and attention to produce. That’s why it is a valuable gift to any marriage ceremony.

Custom copper mugs

These copper mugs are in popularity nowadays. You can surprise your guests with these mugs. You can even afford to present all the guests with copper mugs. It is a great idea that is practiced in our culture.

From the olive tree

In ancient times, the Romans always include the olive leaves headband for marriage. Every Roman marriage ceremony contained a hit of olive. Similarly, you can copy the Roman style and gift your guests’ virgin olive oil. It will be a substantial gift from you. And we assure you old ladies will remember this wedding favor.

Love mugs

Another popular wedding favor is love mugs. These mugs are made with white ceramic and depiction of love in the forms of sketches and words are printed on the mugs. You can buy them in bulk and surprise your guests.

Novelty popcorn

Another popular idea is to gift your guest’s novelty popcorns. You can find these popcorns from any retail store. This favor will be the most inexpensive favor you can do for your guests. And it will certainly get you thanks on the evening of your wedding.

Wrap up

We have presented you with amazing wedding favors that go with gift boxes. You cannot fulfill all of them at your wedding. But we are positive that you can do plenty of them. After all it’s your marriage ceremony, not a concert. It should be memorable due to gifts.

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