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Kubet is a betting hall that is no longer strange to betting enthusiasts. Everyone who has ever played casino will know this betting hall. The reason why kubet is as famous as it is today is because of the prestige and quality that the house brings. 

At the same time is the payout ratio and transparency in the betting process. Currently, Kubet have the betting casino lobby rank as top 1 in Vietnam voted by players called Ku casino. So what’s so special about kubet? What products bring ku casino to the top 1 position? How do those products play? Let’s explore with admin the advantages and quality products that kubet brings.

Kubet – General Introduction

Before learning about the products of kubet. Let’s find out the special things that ku casino have in their online lobby.

First, is a large, well-known betting house in the market. Therefore, this address will always care about prestige and quality. On the other hand, to have a name like today, kubet must also have a large number of players. Therefore, when participating in kubet, you can be completely assured of your bets.


The special thing that makes kubet so attractive to players lies in many factors. In which, it is impossible not to mention the live casino ku. Most other betting sites only provide 3D casino interface. As for the Kubet lobby, all games are shot directly at the casino. All rotation angles will be adjusted most clearly, players can observe the details of each table. At the same time, the dealer or the MC are all top selected Vietnamese hot girls. This not only makes the betting moments more interesting. It also ensures 100% transparency for each bet. This is a factor that has been verified by thousands of players in recent times.

Next, let’s go look for quality products. What is the product that makes the name of the Kubet’s lobby?

Products that make up the name of the Kubet betting hall

Kubet have the betting lobby called  Ku casino. The ku casino house offers many forms of betting such as Lottery, casino, sports, 3d games, shooting fish,… However, the Kubet betting hall is still the most chosen. That is thanks to the attractive and quality betting games below.


Disc shock

 Xoc disc is a game that is no longer strange to Vietnamese brothers. This game originated a long time ago, then entered the online game market. Since then, it has become an indispensable game in any casino.

Poker has simple rules, does not have to calculate much. At the same time, the tempo of the game is also very fast. Suitable for beginners as well as seasoned players.

Guide to play disc shock KUBET 

The game bets on the color of the 4 balls. Each bead will have 2 sides white and red. After being shaken by the dealer, the color of these balls is the result of that bet. The scoring rules for this game are as follows:

  • 4 red round beads, 4 white round beads: Even
  • 2 red round beads, 2 white round beads: Even
  • 3 red round beads and 1 white round bead: Odd
  • 3 white beads and 1 red round beads: Odd

In addition, there are many other bets related to the color of the buttons above.


 Baccarat is the most popular card game in all casino betting halls. This card game has very simple rules, quite similar to the Vietnamese 3-card game. However, the game is attracted by the extremely interesting rule of drawing more cards. Based on this factor, the game becomes more dramatic and thrilling than ever.

Specifically, at the beginning of the game, the dealer will deal cards to 2 cards of C and C. Each capacitor will receive 2 cards. Then, based on the scores of these 2 cards, the dealer will decide which side will get to draw a 3rd card. After completing the draw, the system will add the points of the cards. The capacitor with a higher score than that capacitor will win.

In Baccarat at kubet, players will predict which hand has the higher score. In addition, it is also possible to bet on some properties of the cards such as: Doubles, doubles, dragon treasures, dragon treasures, …

Guide to play baccarat KUBET 


 Sicbo is also known in Vietnamese as Tai Xiu. This game is chosen by many people because of the way it calculates points, as well as the diverse payout ratio. Specifically, the game will take the scoring unit as the score of the dice. Players will bet and predict the score of the 3 dice or the properties related to this score.

In Sicbo at kubet, sicbo betting doors include: Over, under, even, odd, point range, specific points, …

At the beginning of the betting game, the player will choose his bet door. The dealer will then randomly roll the dice. Next, the points of the dice will show the most clearly on the screen.


 Roulette is an indispensable betting game in online casinos. Kubet is an international betting hall, so this game is indispensable. Roulette is also known as the wheel of fortune. The game uses a spinning wheel with number slots inside. The wheel is mounted on a fixed axis of rotation. After the player has placed a bet, the dealer spins the wheel around its axis. Then drop a ball in this wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball stops at any number slot, that is the result of the bet. The player’s job is to predict the number that will win as well as the properties around that number slot such as: Even, odd, over, under, red, white, range of points, specific points, ..

Roulette is the betting game with the most bets among the games at kubet. In which, the highest payout ratio can be up to 1:225 times

Read more at Roulette KUBET

Dragon Tiger

 Dragon Tiger is a card game that originated in China. After that, it entered the Vietnamese market and was quite popular at Kubet. The game has the simplest rules of all card games at the casino lobby. Although also use cards as betting units. However, Dragon Tiger has a much simpler and faster game rule.


Specifically, players will bet on 2 sets of Dragons or Tigers. The dealer will then deal 1 card to each hand. Based on the score of the card, determine where the Dragon and the Tiger is the winner. In Dragon Tiger, the highest card will be K and the lowest card will be A. In addition to predicting 1 of 2 cards will win. You can also bet on a few other factors such as: Black tiger, red tiger, black dragon, red dragon, even tiger, odd tiger, even dragon, odd dragon, …

Above are the top most popular casino games at Kubet. These are not only quality products, but they are also the factors that make up the name of this betting hall.

Hopefully, based on the above content, readers can learn and choose the most suitable betting game for them.

Why is Kubet popular with many players?

Are you looking for a reputable online betting site? Are you choosing a quality entertainment website? Then come to Kubet – This is a great and perfect playground. Our house is rated as the number 1 choice of many players for a long time.

So what’s so special about KU? What’s outstanding about KU? Why is KU popular with many players? Follow the information shared below to get the most accurate answer.

Download Kubet app 

Pocket 3 tips to play online casino at Kubet to help collect money in your pocket

Online Kubet Casino is now a way to help you get rich quickly, at first it must sound like a fantasy, isn’t it? But in fact, we have to admit that many people make money from online gambling from online casinos. From buying houses, buying land, cars… online is not small at all. Therefore, you can completely get rich when participating in online casinos. However, the most important thing is that you need to “pocket” for yourself the experience and tactics of playing online Casinos. So what are those experiences? Please refer to the useful information at the Kubet bookie to easily win.

What you should play online casino card game?

Today, online casino entertainment is quite popular in Vietnam in particular and other countries in the world in general. Especially, during the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic. To ensure the safety of ourselves and our families instead of gathering at Offline casinos, we can choose to play cards online.

And online casinos are online casinos created by online bookmakers. This is not only a destination to help players have moments of relaxation and fun with online card games. It is also a place to help you earn a “huge” income if you know how to play.


Although the online casino at Kubet is an online form of play, everything is displayed on the screen. But it still gives players a real, vivid feeling like being lost in Offline casinos. All card games, rules, or odds are provided by the bookies in full and in detail on their official online website.

Tips to play online casino at Kubet effectively – Share from the masters

When playing an online casino, you need to have courage and real combat experience. If you are determined to play to make money, then you need to take the process seriously. Don’t think that gambling games are all red and black. All games will have their own rules and methods. If you apply the right formula and method. Winning is extremely simple for gamblers. Here are some effective online casino tips shared by the elders. You can refer to it to increase the winning rate when playing.

First: Master the rules when playing online casino

Each game has different rules of play. Once you join the game it is imperative that you understand the rules and then start playing. This is also considered the most basic Kubet casino tip to help you win when playing cards in the casino.

Each type of casino card game will have different rules and ways of playing. If you actively learn about this, it will help you “raise” your skills.

For example, if You are going to play BlackJack, then at this point, you must firmly grasp all the rules of playing BlackJack in the palm of your hand. Then your chances of winning in each game will be higher.

Second: Please manage your capital well when playing Online Casino

This advice seems very simple, but it is something that players need to keep in mind. In every game, always be alert to determine the winner and loser of the game. In any case, you need to know how much money you have spent and how much you have won at the start of the game.

Third: Choose the right game

Surely when you first join the house, you will not be surprised because there are many attractive games at Kubet login. All are entertainment games for real money, so choosing the most suitable game to play is very important. Although there is an attractive game store, not all games have the same advantage and ratio. Some people are strong in this area, but others have other strengths.


It’s up to your strengths to get the right game at the Casino. This will give the player a chance to win. You can learn the games before you choose or try them out to make the right choice for you.

Fourth: Grasp the “tricks” to optimize the casino game

Experienced players share the following effective ways of playing cards at the casino:

Press the stop button while the arrow in the player is still spinning if it is not the result you want. This is a casino gambling experience you should use if you want to change the outcome of the game screen.

Give preference to games that stop completely because that way the final result will be more accurate. Note that for some devices, the pressing stop is completely useless.

Fifth: Flexibly apply strategies when playing at the Casino

Gambling is not based solely on luck. Those who accumulate more experience, and have diverse the tactics, the higher the winning rate. If it is the first time participating in the game, you should learn carefully or learn from the seniors to gain more knowledge. After each game, whether you win or lose, you should also draw your own experience. So you should balance bets and flexibly apply the experience gained in certain circumstances to increase the winning rate.

Read more tips on kubet casino

So is playing an online casino in Kubet safe?

Kubet is a place that provides online casino games and betting services. According to the law, this business can be said to be quite delicate and sensitive. Therefore, many players often wonder if it is safe to play at this house. This is also one of the reasons that players are often concerned when participating in online casino games


Currently, in Vietnam, betting activities are not allowed. However, if betting is a very new form, foreign countries, already have specific legal policies for business and gambling. Kubet is a betting business organization based abroad and has been licensed to operate legally in the Philippines. Therefore, the house has the main guarantee organization, the Philippine Government. Our bookie must also follow the rules of the law and not operate fraudulently to affect the reputation. Pagcor organization is considered one of the legal online casino management organizations. With strict regulations, players can safely participate in the game without worrying about legal issues.

When participating in playing at the Kubet house, players need to regularly make financial transactions. These transactions come from depositing or withdrawing money from the account. You can withdraw money to your account at any time you want. The house also does not limit the number of withdrawals as long as they ensure that the rules are correct. Players’ financial transactions are all done through the banking system. So it’s very fast and safe when you place a withdrawal order.

Kubet top 1 reputational betting in Vietnam

Kubet has shared some effective online casino tips for those who are interested. If you want to participate in playing attractive and interesting online card games at our house, please quickly visit the official homepage of the house. Hopefully, you will have moments of relaxation and fun on the homepage’s online casino platform.


Address: Số 57 P. Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: 0965522361


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