IGET Vapes Comparison

The iget collection comes with 7 lines of products. The wide variety of products all offer a unique characteristic for buyers. They provide unique features that we will discuss in detail for individuals looking to understand which iget product suits their vaping needs and which one we recommend.




The iget Shion is the first product released by IGET it is a staple and what brought popularity to the iget brand. It comes in a respectable 600 puffs with a small easy to pocket design and that’s what made it such a popular device. As with the growth and popularity of vaping, many users felt that the iget shion needed to be swapped out too frequently lasting heavy vapers 1-2 days. This issue was quickly addressed with the IGET XXL.




The iget plus was created for those who preferred something more familiar it provided a cigarette like filter to inhale through which was an attempt to attract previous cigarette users. The filter provides a familiar experience and in each IGET plus device there comes with 3 filters which can easily be interchanged. But from experience the IGET filters get quickly soaked with e-liquid and when in the pocket lint or hair gets caught in the filter making it unpleasant to use. However, with the additional filters they can be interchanged but as with most vapers they do not carry these filters on them so if lost it makes the device very hard to use on a night out. For these reasons we don’t recommend the IGET Plus unless you are a previous smoker and miss the feel of a filter when inhaling.




The IGET XXL Vape is a sweet spot for us. It comes with the largest variety of flavours and also a great capacity. Offering 1800 puffs this last the regular vaper 4-7 days without any problem. In my opinion this is a great length of time as you are able to try more flavours making the vaping experience more enjoyable. The XXL has a cylindrical shape and is easy to grip in the hand. One of my favourites.




The IGET Max is one the rare vapes in a bulb like design. Unique on the market and offers a larger quantity at 2300 puffs. Personally, I am not a fan of the shape, but aside from that the device works well with a nice capacity and unique flavours.




The IGET King turns to a more modern design, offering a rectangular piece moulded into the mouth piece. It’s square base with rounded edges make’s it comfortable to hold. This is further enhanced by the rubberised coating over the device providing good grip. Another key feature of the IGET King is it’s translucent casing, this allows vapers additional access to the remaining e-liquid available 




The Iget Mega Vape creates a shorter form factor whilst retaining the rectangular design. It offers a rubberised outer material. The device contains 3000 puffs and offers a better cloud and flavour.




The iget bar is complete redesign, to house its large 12ml tank and battery. The Iget bar offers a unique twin battery system. These dual batteries allow for greater vaporisation, resulting in the best flavour out of all the iget products. If you are a regular vaper or smoker who’s switched to vaping this is your device. Design for heavy vapers who appreciate the subtle differences.

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