Is a wedding in Italy a costly affair?

There are a lot of rumours on the internet and in general about weddings in Italy. Most rumors you come across claim that a wedding in Italy is an expensive affair than a wedding back home.

To understand the total expense of a wedding in Italy, we conducted extensive research and compared it based on various factors. This blog will help you enumerate the cost of a destination wedding in Italy and if it is expensive than a wedding at home. We’ll compare the cost of these factors in the home country and Italy to arrive at a decision.


Everyone wants to hire the best bridal hair and makeup artist to look glamorous on their special day. The cost of bridal hair and makeup artists in Italy will start from 500 euros based on what you want to get done and how complicated it is. Additionally, the team of stylists might charge for travel since most locations in Italy are remote. The cost for bridesmaids and extra girls will cost around 60 euros per service and vary depending on the styling you get done or select.

The stylist back home will cost you €200-€400, and the charges for bridesmaids vary from €40-€90 per service.


The food in Italy is both exquisite and enticing. However, considering the cost, the average catered meal ranges from 100 to 200 euros per person, including a hefty welcome cocktail with stations, two pasta dishes, the main course and a side dish, wine, espresso, and a traditional Italian wedding cake. However, if you go for off-beat options where in-house catering is provided, they may charge you less than 100 euros per person. But they have limited sitting arrangements and table settings.

While the standard wedding meal back at home will start from €19-€72 per person, seated dinner €18-€85 per person, cake average €4 per serving, which means the cost can mount as high of €41-€161 per person.


The average cost of a bridal bouquet is 100 euros which includes season florals, open-end stems, satin ribbon wrap. Bridesmaids’ bouquets are less costly and might cost you half of that.

The cost of a bridal bouquet back at home ranges between €75 and €400. The prices also largely depend on the flowers. Lily-of-the-valley stems are €5 each; since they are seasonal flowers, the cost might be high in the off-seasons.

You can discover more about catering per matrimonio prezzi (wedding costs) here!

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