It is not unusual to hear the term digital marketing being used as an equivalent of social media marketing, in fact both include the digital form of promoting products. But to the surprise of many, these terms are different and if you are in the business or marketing world, it is a must to have the correct information so you can differentiate them and be clear both, when setting your business goals as well as when you are speaking to colleagues or providers. So far, you have learnt that there are significant differences between these two areas, but if you want to make the most out of your marketing strategy, in this article you will find important information in detail about these topics. So keep reading and prepare to gain valuable marketing knowledge.

Digital marketing in action

When it comes to marketing, the most novel approach is digital marketing. However, this term is very broad, and as surprising as this may sound, you don’t even need an internet connection to use it or see it. For example, you can think of a billboard media screen located on one of the main boulevards or malls in your city, or about the commercial breaks used on the regular TV. Now, with modern improvements of communications and mainly thanks to the internet, digital marketing has expanded to other ways of promoting products and services. Some of the most recent channels of digital marketing include blogs, publications, social media, email advertising and online paid ads, among others.

Social media marketing as a key element of digital marketing

With the explanation provided above, you can now understand how social media marketing is actually contained in the broad space covered by digital marketing. There are many ways in which social media marketing can benefit a business, and compared to many other options, this one tends to be more personalized for each user, targeting mostly those people who can be interested in consuming your products or services. Among the types of social media platforms that people often use, we can mention LinkedIn and twitter, which tend to be used for companies that sell to other businesses, and then there are Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat if you want to target younger audiences, or final users. Other platforms like reddit and quora can be good if you want to upsell a specialized product, since people usually want to learn more about it before making a purchase.

Is social media marketing the best way to reach my business goals?

Although you should ideally aim to have a good cross marketing strategy that integrates different channels, including email, search engine tactics, paid advertising and an active participation on social media platforms. This one is definitely an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Remember that having a big number of likes, followers or subscribers, comments and views can always help you build a reliable brand, drive more traffic to your online store, impact your sales, revenue and create an overall better performance in the long run.

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