Many people do not know they are mentally ill until it destroys them. Sometimes a little too late. Surprisingly we are so ignorant that we cant notice those around us suffering from it as well. We notice them after their self-destruction, mostly suicide.

What is mental illness really?

First it is important to know mental health; This is the proper behavioural and emotional well being. So mental illness is a condition that causes serious disorders in a person’s behaviour or thinking.

Mental illness is grouped into about 300. the major and common ones being;anxiety disorders,personality disorders,eating disorders

Statistics according to World Health Organization shows that around 20% of the world children and adolescent have mental health.

What brings about mental illness

  • Mental health can be generic from blood relative
  • Serious injuring resulting to brain damage
  • A traumatic experiences such as combat, military and assault
  • Childhood abuse can result in serious mental issues
  • A pre-existing mental illness
  • Chronic medical condition
  • Drug abuse such as alcohol and other drugs

This is the most common triggers of mental health

Do you have a reason to see a specialist?

Well here are some of the signs of mental illness ;

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Excessive fears
  • Too much feeling of guilt
  • Much of sad feeling
  • Most changes in moods
  • Pulling away from friends and activities
  • Sex dysfunction
  • Difficulty I sleeping

This should alarm you to see a professional for medical advice.

Can mental illness be prevented? can it be treated?

No sure way to prevent mental health has been proven., however, these are some of the ways to boost your mental health;

  • Talking to people is important to mental health
  • Have leisure times in your priority
  • Eating brain healthy diets
  • Having a purpose to keep you going
  • Admittance to help if you in need

Once you find out you have mental illness and are confirmed by specialists, what then? Treatment

thanks to modernization and every day thrive in a man there are treatments that have helped people recover.

Here are some of the treatments found effective on mental illness

  • Psychotherapy; this is talking to a professional psychiatrist, psychologist or another mental health provider.
  • Support group; this is where a group of individuals with the same goal of recovery meet to guide each other and sharing of experiences.
  • Hospitalization; sometimes this becomes necessary for specialists to closely monitor the patient
  • Peer support; is another approach to reversing mental illness where those who have previously suffered help those in similar situations recover.
  • Case management; refers to the coordination of community-based services by a professional to aid them in their recovery

See it is treatable, it starts with first identifying, acknowledgement then seeking treatment.


Mental illness; the most common being depression claims approximately 700000 through suicide. This is according to WHO Yet there are known, effective treatments for this mental disorders.

Mos are ignorant of their conditions until they broke.

Mental Health America(MHA) Organization initiated Mental Health Awareness month(1st may-31st May) in 1949.

Again there is a world mental health day set for every 10th of October.One of the measures to make to educate and make people aware of mental health.

Australian Psychologist Kamia Harris is a registered therapist with over 18 years of experience in the mental health care field. She has extensive experience working with clients in a range of settings including the Department of Defence, La Trobe University, and the Australian Psychological Society. In addition to focusing on clinical psychology, Harris also specializes in neuroscience and mindfulness-based therapy. Among her specialties are a wide variety of areas including the treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress.