blood test at home

Yes, online booking for tests is just as safe as making that booking in the flesh. People get their blood drawn to assess any anomalies in the body or the possibility of a disease. It is the safest way to discern whether a person is healthy or not. With a bit of blood, the professionals can perform numerous tests and help people in finding answers.

The test reports take a few hours, after which a person can decide whether or not they would like to visit a doctor. Blood tests were earlier strictly prohibited to pathology labs. But in recent times, blood test at home have also become increasingly popular.

One can either book a slot online or call the nearest pathology lab to send someone over. Depending on the tests that one asks for, they will send a phlebotomist to draw your blood. The results can be viewed online, where the lab might email/WhatsApp it to the concerned person.

Most often, blood reports are demanded by doctors to check how a patient’s body is performing. On other occasions, it could be routine tests such as diabetes or vitamin tests. Blood tests at home are completely safe in all events. In some cases, they might also need a person’s urine for testing purposes. It helps in evaluation and thorough testing.

The method of getting one’s blood drawn from home became exceedingly popular during covid when pathologies had become a covid hotspot, and people felt unsafe traveling there. If one had to get tested for Covid itself, it was safer to call a phlebotomist rather than traveling there and infecting others.

People found the home method safer and felt tremendous comfort because giving a urine sample in a lab can be challenging. People might find it unhygienic and uncomfortable. People try to adopt new changes, and hence most labs facilitate online ordered tests these days.


The ease that comes with online ordered tests is unmatched. Online testing provides different kinds of tests that people might want to get checked for. Once you’ve chosen the suitable options, they give you the price points and send other time slots for one to choose from.

Some tests have to be taken on an empty stomach, so mornings are the reasonable time to take them. The doctor provides these instructions so people can choose a preferred timing accordingly.

The phlebotomist arrives at the expected time, and they are usually geared up after the rise of the pandemic. They come decked up in masks and PPE kits. Because they traverse to different homes, they are susceptible to catching various infections on the way.

These kits are a means to defend themselves and other people by preventing the further spread of other diseases. The phlebotomist draws one’s blood or presents a urine sample container, depending on the test. Once this process is calibrated, the samples are carried back to the lab for testing.

The results typically come back in a few hours or a day. They are available online, but the person can ask for a physical copy if required. These reports are then taken to a specialist to seek their diagnosis.


Online testing is exceedingly secure because these phlebotomists are trained to draw blood without puncturing veins. They also learn about basic human anatomy and adhere to safety protocols.