Exam day is almost here, now is the time for you to actually apply all that you have learned in the last year or so. Student’s concentration usually gets collapsed during this last phase of preparation, so just stay calm and trust yourself with what you have learned, 

Gradeup has been continuously assisting JEE aspirants with exam strategy & guidance, If you are in some dilemma or looking for exam-related tips in these last days, attaching some links that might help you in making your head clear.

February attempt will be conducted from 23rd-26th February in 2 slots. Slot 1 will be conducted from 9 AM-12 PM & the second slot will be conducted from 3 PM-6 PM. Like every year, Gradeup will be doing the fastest & most accurate JEE Main Feb 2021 Exam Analysis. At 3 PM Daily from 24-26 February, we will be coming with memory-based questions & will be discussing solutions in detail. Not only this, but our experts will also guide you on What Next? You will get the idea of your expected score & expected percentile for you to plan on appearing in the next 3 sessions accordingly.

This year there has been a slight change in the pattern too. Aspirants will get 4 chances to sit in the exam this year, plus there has been a change in the number of questions. Now there will be 90 questions from which 15 questions will have a choice in Numerical Based Questions. This can be highly beneficial for students to maximize their score but it can also affect your scores if you don’t apply yourself correctly in the exam hall.

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You can also go through the analysis made last year, https://youtu.be/EV-T45wsQdo

Don’t take this attempt lightly thinking that you have 3 more attempts. As per the trend, aspirants usually score their best percentile in the first attempt as the exam is usually easiest in the first phase & also competition keeps on increasing in future attempts. This analysis by Gradeup will not only help you with analyzing your performance but our expert teachers will also give you tips to improve your score in future attempts.

Do not forget to join the session on time. Get the accurate analysis & plan your future attempts accordingly, Daily @ 3 PM.

Some Tips for the exam

First of all try to stay calm in the last days before the exam, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to learn something new. 

Carrying right mindset  

Some students become happy just by attempting more questions, even if they don’t know that many questions. One should attempt only those questions for which he is sure. Also, some students waste a lot of time on difficult questions so that they can praise themselves for solving the difficult questions in JEE,  but one must refrain from it. Since, at the end of the day, the overall score is what actually matters, not that how many difficult questions we solved in the exam.  

⦁ Read the question carefully 

Sometimes, we misinterpret the question and end up marking the wrong choice. For example, in a question, it is asked which of them is NOT this? So, we skip the word NOT and choose the wrong answer. So, we must read the question very carefully about what is being asked.  

⦁ Identify the category of the question  

 By giving plenty of mock tests, one can easily get an idea about the category of the question. If the question is easy, we should attempt it right now and move on to the next one. If the question is moderate and will take minutes to compute so these can be marked and should be attempted later while the questions are too difficult, we need to avoid such questions in the exam.  

⦁ Manage your time well  

Many people don’t manage their well during the exams which gives them anxiety during the exam and they end up screwing up the exam. Again, time management comes from a lot of practice and plenty of mock tests. So, one must practice well and take so many mock tests so that he does not get spaced out during the exam.  

⦁ Avoid making silly mistakes  

As important it is to read the questions, so does it is important to read the options as well. Sometimes in the options, values are the same but units are different so one should take care of that. Also, sometimes numerical values are so close which requires good calculation so one must refrain from committing calculation mistakes.  

Go with a free mind & trust yourself

Team Gradeup