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If you are a fan of Jenni Rivera, you may be wondering how to learn more about her ex-husband. The good news is that she never cheated on her husband. The two were married in 1985 and had four daughters. The first child was born on June 26, 1985, and she finished high school on time. Her second daughter was born in 1989. Although she is divorced from her husband, she still keeps her family close.

The first marriage that Jenni Rivera had was with the 20-year-old Trino Marin, who had an affair with his mistress. The two married in 1992, and their daughter Chiquis was born a few years later. The marriage was reportedly rocky for a few reasons, including rumors of cheating on Jenni. The husband allegedly stole money from his wife and abused her, but Jenni didn’t learn about this until 1997.

The couple’s first marriage was a tragic event that ended in a divorce. The couple’s children were sexually abused, and Jenni died of a heart attack while giving birth to their first child. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last, and Jose has ongoing issues with the law. However, he is now a free man after serving time in jail.

After the split, Jenni and Esteban had a love child. The singer’s youngest daughter, Chiquis, is still romantically involved with Esteban. The singer, who is still making music today, has five grandchildren. Her two children are his only grandchildren. They are also the parents of two more daughters. The couple had a long and prosperous relationship, but they ended in divorce.

Before getting married, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband had a complicated relationship with Jose Loaiza. The two were married in 1992. After the divorce, Jenni was pregnant with her first child. Both of them had children at a young age, and the mother of the two kids, Johnny, had been exposed to the relationship for a decade. The couple’s daughter was born in 1993, and the couple was separated in 2002.

After the split, the couple had two children. She later married Chilean baseball player Esteban Loaiza. She was 43 when her husband died, and she later became a famous singer. She also had a daughter with Juan Loaiza. The mother of the two children, Chiquis, recently came out as a gay man. Not long after her marriage with Rivera, they separated, and their kids were given to different men.

Besides being married, Jenni and Jose had a child together. They had two daughters together. But they got divorced in 2012. They were not compatible with each other. They were married for nine years and had one daughter. Their daughter, Chiquis, was eleven years old at the time. The two have been separating for a few years. They were in divorce in October 2012, and the child was cheating on each other.

Jose Rivera was a former pro baseball player. He played for the Dodgers, White Sox, and Yankees. He and Jenni also had one daughter. The couple divorced in 2012, and Jennifer had two children with her ex-husband. Even though she never cheated on her husband, her ex-husband was a cheater.

While Jenni has a net worth of $25 million, her ex-husband, Jose, has had many legal problems. He has been accused of molestation and vandalism. He has a son named Juan “Johnny” Angel, who was only eleven years old when Jenni and Trinidad Marin married. The two were a couple for eight years and divorced in February of this year.

Jose Rivera was married several times before her death. She married Esteban Loaiza in 2010, but she was never legally divorced. Her two children are still separated from Jose. José Lopez filed for divorce in 2012, and he was sentenced to six months in jail for undocumented smuggling immigrants into the US. Afterward, she was arrested and died in a plane crash.

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