Jet or Mesh Nebulizer: Which one should I choose?

If you ever remember those trips to the hospital when you needed some comfort after coughing painfully for so long, you’ll remember a loud machine called the nebulizer.

This machine was so loud, you couldn’t hear what anyone was telling and you had to scream to put across your point. These machines are called jet nebulizers. They are extremely helpful and economical for those that are going through regular medication.

When should I choose a Jet Nebulizer?

Jet nebulizers have been around for ages and for good reason. They are able to deliver the medicine needed in a very cost effective way. This helps those who need to take their medication daily and also helps hospitals.

Jet Nebulizers comprises a nebulizer kit and a compressor. The Nebulizer kit contains a nebulizer tubing, a cup, a mouthpiece, a corrugated tubing and a T-piece. This when assembled properly is ready to get you to comfortably inhale the fine mist of your medicine.

As discussed earlier, a jet nebulizer is perfect for people who need to take their medication regularly as it is a cost efficient option.

What is a Mesh Nebulizer?

The newest invention to enter the market is mesh nebulizers. They are portable, meaning you can take your medication on the go. All you need to do is place your batteries in the battery holder of the device, put the cap on, insert your mesh cap and place your drug in the container. Close the lid, place the mouthpiece and boom, you are ready to get your medication administered!

The reason they are called Mesh nebulizers is because they use a cap (mesh cap) with really tiny holes in it that dispense your medicine.

The noise part of jet nebulizers have also been taken care of with mesh ones. These are almost silent! And so, you can take your medication whenever and wherever you need to.

Mesh nebulizers are generally operated using 2 AA batteries. This means your portable mesh nebulizer is thinking about your comfort at all times.

A common problem in earlier days was to get children to take their respiratory medications as the jet nebulizers took quite some time to dispense the allocated dosage. With the new portable mesh nebulizers, you get to consume your medication within 7 minutes!

Which Nebulizer should I go for?

This answer is totally dependent on your needs and wants. However because of Mesh Nebulizers speedy delivery of meds as well as its portability many professionals recommend mesh nebulizers.

Getting your treatment time cut to almost half and having the benefit of carrying it wherever you go, in our books that makes mesh nebulizers our go to choice. When parents bring in their children who suffer from respiratory ailments, a jet nebulizer can seem really boring to the child because of the wait time. However the mesh nebulizer seems like the best option even in this scenario.

In conclusion

We have given you all the details you need to make a decision that fits you and your lifestyle. A jet nebulizer would be your go-to choice if you want a cost effective option. However, if comfort and convenience are your needs, then we highly recommend you try using a mesh nebulizer. If you shop during the holiday season, you will find portable mesh nebulizer for sale at great discounts which will also take into consideration your pocket expenses.

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