It is an undeniable fact that education is an unending learning cycle. To enhance the skill set and become more professional at the job, a career-minded individual will always seek to have continuous education. Nowadays, school administrators want their teachers to opt for professional development not only to offer the best learning results to their students but also to make educators more effective and efficient in several aspects of their job.


Although various certification courses are available online that train teachers on different subjects, free knowledge resources such as webinars have their importance that cannot be denied.

If you are an eager learner who wants to join high-quality, comprehensive free webinars for teachers, which also offer certificates, then Suraasa is the one-stop solution for you. It is a platform that provides numerous webinars so that teachers can broaden their skill set and knowledge level, and Suraasa’s Masterclasses are suitable for teachers of different experience levels.


So, if you want to enhance your teaching skills and deliver the best to your students, then you must take a look at the following FREE masterclasses that Suraasa offers:


  • Classroom questioning techniques for effective teaching

This masterclass offered by Suraasa would help the learners know about the importance of effective questioning in the classroom. The learners come to know about different kinds of questioning techniques that could be used in the classroom. It discusses things that should be kept in mind while asking questions.


  • What do international schools look for in a teacher?

This is another masterclass that Suraasa offers where the learners come to know about the importance of pedagogical skills. In this masterclass, a special focus is made on the skills that are trending in international schools. It also discusses different ways in which these skills can be developed.


  • How to build your presence as a teacher on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for networking. The more effective your presence on LinkedIn is, the easier it becomes to find suitable teaching jobs. This masterclass aims to teach the learners about what LinkedIn is and how important it is for the teachers. It also discusses how a learner can build his community and global network. This masterclass is perfect if you want to know how you can find the most suitable teaching job via LinkedIn.


  • How to create an impressive resume before applying for a teaching job?

The first thing that a recruiter asks for before beginning the recruitment process is the candidate’s resume. An impressive resume increases your chances of getting selected for further rounds of recruitment. With this masterclass, the learner comes to know about the importance of a resume. It  discusses things that must be kept in mind while creating an impressive resume. A detailed guide is provided on creating a resume using the Suraasa platform.


  • How can teachers take care of their mental health?

Unlike the older times when the mental health of individuals was usually ignored, nowadays special webinars are being conducted to make people more aware of rising mental issues. This masterclass discusses why mental health is crucial for the teachers, what the symptoms of poor mental health are, etc. It also discusses ways with which a teacher’s mental health can be improved.


  • How to make online classrooms more engaging?

To give an amazing learning experience to the students, the teachers must know how to make their classrooms more engaging. This masterclass aims to teach the significance of technology in teaching to the teachers and focus on matters such as understanding students’ behaviour in online classes. Furthermore, it also discusses techniques to make online classrooms more engaging.


  • Creating engaging lesson plans

This masterclass aims to teach the teachers about how a lesson plan should be to be effective. In the live activity of the masterclass, steps to create a dummy lesson plan are discussed. Additionally, it also discusses ways to deliver the lesson plans in a classroom.


  • Decoding TETs and how to clear them on the first attempt!

In this masterclass, the importance of the CTET Exam is discussed, and it also discusses why this exam is mandatory for all the teachers. Moreover, why teachers should go for this exam and what tips would help them crack it in the very first attempt is explained in the whole session.


  • How to land your dream teaching job

Many teachers seem to be unclear about their career prospects in the field of education. This masterclass helps the learners in identifying their dream teaching job. It talks about the skills that are preferred by the top international schools. Moreover, it also helps the learners in preparing their resumes that would make them stand out of the others.


  • Career pathways of a successful teacher

This masterclass discusses the potential career pathways for a teacher. It teaches learners how they can move from the role of an assistant teacher to the principal of a school. What global opportunities can a teacher grab, and what should be his earning potentials are elaborated in the masterclass. Additionally, it also gives the limelight to the first step of a successful career.


  • Move abroad for teaching: where, why, and how?

Moving abroad in search of better job opportunities has become a trend in India. Considering the thought, this masterclass discusses why people should consider moving abroad for teaching. It also tells the learners about the best teaching opportunities available abroad. Moreover, if the teachers want to know more about how they can prepare for moving abroad, then this masterclass discusses different ways.


These are the FREE masterclasses that are conducted by Suraasa after every 15 days and there are many more coming. So, teachers who want to expand their knowledge about different subject matters must join these masterclasses. The insightful webinars for teachers with a certificate would furnish the needs of learners and develop them professionally.